World Science Day for Peace and Development 2012 celebrated in Nepal

10th WORLD SCIENCE DAY FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT was celebrated all around the world. On the theme of ‘Science for global sustainability: interconnectedness, collaboration, transformation’ this year different nations, organizations, universities and governments were doing different programs in their domain. As usual we were also celebrating this particular day in Nepal. As planned, we were doing two very different programs in two days.

In 9th Nov, we did interaction program on Role of Science in Peace Building among different science personals from Physics, Chemistry, Environment, Microbiology, Biology, Bio Technology, Computer Science, Academicians, Scientists, Activists, Entrepreneurs, Students, Ministry. The program was jointly organized by Mitrakunj, Nepal Science Olympiad, Russian Centre of Science and Culture and Nepalese Science Journalist Association. The program was held on the conference hall of Russian Science and Culture Centre.

The formal session was chaired by Ganesh Shah, Former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology and also he is the chairman of Nepal Science Olympiad and Mitrakunj. Chief Guest of program was Hon. Minister Dr. Keshav Man Shakya, Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology. Other Guest were Prof. Dr. Madhav Sharma – Former Vice Chancellor of Tribhuwan University, S. Simakab – Director Russian Science and Culture Centre, Sushil Pandey – Representative from UNESCO in Nepal, Prof. Dr. Sita Ram Bhyahut and Associative Prof. Mr. Raghubir Shrestha.

The program was started from the welcome speech of Associative Prof. Mr. Raghubir Shrestha, he is also the Vice Chairman of Nepal Science Olympiad. Prof. Dr. Sita Ram Bhyahut presented a paper on Observing Science Day: Commitment to Peaceful Development of the Nation, the wonderful presentation explained from the simple definition of science to effective implementation of science in peace and development. Mr. S. Simakab welcome everyone there and commitment for  the supporting program in coming days. Mr. Sushil Pandey emphasize the need and role of science in our nation, he demand the proper use on science to stop from destruction and desertization in Nepal, he highlighted the point need of E-education. He urged government to give more priorities. After him, Madhav Sharma explained the history of science development and also gave some statistics regarding the relevance of country development and science development. He also agreed with Sushil Pandey for the role of government should make. Chief Guest Hon. Minister Keshav Man Shakya, expressed his gratitude for inviting him there, he said some good news doing from government. First Government is changing the name of Ministry regarding to giving more priorities on Science and Technology, so it will be Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. Second government is proposing for making National Science Day (might be Ashwin 1st), Third Government was just appointing Secretary Keshav Bhattarai in Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment he is better experience in Science and Technology and Last Government was making different department for better development on Science specially on IT, Environment, Alternate Energy, Bio Tech, Nuclear Tech and Space Tech. and Lastly Ganesh Shah, Chair Person of program some remarks on science, scientist and new revolution using science and closed the program. In this way, the first day program was done.

Second day, i.e 10th November, We gathered on Ganeshman Park (Ratna Park) at 7 A.M. early morning for Awareness Rally on World Science Day for Peace and Development. The Rally was organized by Nepal Science Olympiad, CSIT Association of Nepal, GPA Nepal. The Rally was started at 7:30 A.M and moving though the Bagbazaar, Putalisadak, Exhibition road, Sahid gate, New road and finally Basantapur. There were more than 100 participants in rally including School students, Teachers, Scientists and Activist participated with banners and play cards. We reached Basantapur at 9 A.M. and made some voice on the need of Science for peace and development committed for doing more great in coming years.