Work on Problem Scenario, Alternatives and Value Proposition

I believe you have worked on Persona, you know them very well. If you don’t know about persona, I recommend you to study this blog (

Problem Scenario is the area where you get chance to understand the problems of the personas in your area of interest, and you will able to find some specific objectives for your product/service, this will be something you will deliver for your customers. But the issues might be you are not the one who try to deliver the solution, your persona might have already found some solution for it, so you need to understand the existing alternatives. You have to understand, if there is the problem, you customer is doing something about it. It’s very important you know about it and you have to plan better proposition for them.

We can use this Problem Scenario, Alternatives and Value Proposition techniques which will be actionable and testable. Which will help us to make discussion on what problem exist and important to solve, we can discuss about how can we make solution relevant to customers. There might be multiple problem scenario but you can prioritize it, you will look on the alternatives they are using right now (which means how they are solving the problems now if there any). Its recommended that working on problem scenarios and alternatives are less costly than finding the proposition. You don’t need to spend time and money to build anything to find the answer about problem scenarios and alternatives. The only thing you need to do is observe and study your persona. That’s the reason you need to work hard on making good persona.

I used the example of taxi driver to make persona, now we will try to work on problem scenario, alternatives and value propositions using that example.


PersonaSanu Lama the taxi driver
Problem ScenarioI need to waste lots of time in a day to find the customers,
AlternativesCapture the main junctions, but sometime there are already many taxi taking those spots
Value PropositionsMobile application which gives notification if any customer nearby looking for taxi.

Now you can say for the taxi driver like Sanu Lama, who have to waste the time and fuel every day to find the customers where they more like to get certain in junction road but many time those spots are not available and I have mobile solution where you can get notification when there is any customer looking for taxi

The big question is how better is my proposed value proposition than existing alternatives, is it enough for Sanu Lama to join my platform?

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