Wikipedia Education Cooperative Kickoff held on Prague, Czech Republic

Global Education team of Wikimedia Foundation decided to make one peer to peer meeting on 8th and 9th March in Prague, where they selected representatives from different education program initiatives running in different countries. The meeting was intended to cover 16 participants, where 14 were able to make there. The participants were from Nepal, Czech Republic, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Israel, Mexico, Arabic World, US and Canada. The major goals of this program was to understand the experience of each other and make some global strategy to foster this program.

In 2 days program, First day was focused on challenges that people found in their implementation and some success they experience. We learned best way to teaching/training, we discussed on different tools available online, which we can localized in our language. We were also briefed about the using of Webmatrics, specially in Wikipedia Education Program for individual or group quantitative evaluation. We did one group work on the challenges we face, My team was working on Establishing WP’s place in Education, where we identified the problems and stakeholders. And figuring the message we should send to them with the different ways and approaches. And also gave our best to point our the role of Global team and local team.
Second day, was focused on defining mission statement of Cooperative in terms of goals, vision, tools, audiences and stakeholders. The idea was to establishing the global standard support with flexible means. While working on it, we found significance group with action: Communication group, Global Recognition group, Resource group, and Mentoring group.

Communication Group

  • Education List for Educators
  • Education List for Program Leaders
  • Develop Education Portal
  • Regular News letter

Global Recognition Group

GR for Students
By October 1, 2014, the Coop will create a Wikipedia driver’s license-like global student recognition with a set of standards.

GR for Instructors
By Wikimania 2014, the Coop will have a system in place to distribute teaching fellowships to instructors using Wikipedia as a teaching tool.

 GR for Program Leaders
Create (april 15), distribute (may 1), collect (june 1) a survey from all programs to determine individual needs for legitimacy as a program.
Review feedback (july 15) and create an action plan (at Wikimania, in august), present results (at Wikimania, in august), and enact action plan (december 1).

Mentoring Group

  • Interview program leaders and facilitate them through out the program.
  • Pilot 2 ways of mentoring before the first term of the 2014-2015 school year

Resource Group

  • ¬†Review existing Resource
  • Identifying the Key stakeholder of page
  • Determine useful resource
  • Establish the process to reach each program

I am one of the member of Global Recognition Team

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