I was invited in some of the interaction program for encouraging student in BSc. CSIT, I saw most of students were confused with lot of advertisement of subject in newspaper and other media. Showing the syllabus and content doesn’t make big deal them cause most of them can’t understand it in details.  I usually tried to cover lot while speaking about BSc CSIT, but may be missed unknowingly or may not that orientation and interaction program don’t cover all the interested students all over of Nation. So I think it will better to write some point on Why BSc. CSIT?

First remember I am not going to engrave why not BE, BCA, BIT, BCIS,  BSc IT.

BSc CSIT is not just an IT(Information Technology)  it is append with CS(Computer Science), we don’t like to pronounce IT, Computer science is not the same as IT, We focus on principles and technology, not how to use computer applications in CS.

BSc CSIT cover minimum 126 credit hours, remember minimum, because we can also add more credit by giving more exams we have lot of extra electives.

126 credit hours comes from 75 credit hours of core Computer Science, 15 credit hours of electives, 12 credit hours of Natural Science, 6 credit hours of Management, 6 credit hours of math, 3 credit hours of Technical Writing and 9 credit hours form Project and Internship

Student can learn most of important courses up to 3rd years and last year is totally designed for advance implementation so in 7th semester student have to do major project(including 100 marks) and 8th semester student have to do an internship (including 200 marks).

There are lot of research that tells ICT can be changed very rapidly so everything should be update with that change, and I believe this course has been done all this thing, This course update very frequently based on recent demand and market.(even some subject and added after I passed it)

Someone said to make a perfect thing there must be 3 E;  i.e Education, Environment and Experience. CSIT is good course in Nepal so it is good education, About the environment, we(students, teacher, university) have created good bond with each other, We have lot of schedule that we togetherly     conduct. Students are more over good about doing different game, workshop, sharing. I hope this will result for good experience in each student in life.

When you study computer science, you will learn about the fundamental principles of the science as well as advanced techniques that are used for practical systems development.

You can get statistics of job trend, demand and average salary offered of CS is in http://www.itjobswatch.co.uk/jobs/uk/computer%20science.do

Computer science has certainly become a core discipline — a discipline of study in itself — and one that continues to grow

It’s clear that computer science is a huge discipline with extremely broad application. But what about the job market for computer science graduates? A degree isn’t terribly useful unless it’s possible to use that degree to launch a career. I am taking some references from http://www.cs.colorado.edu/why/

Money Magazine recently published “Best Jobs in America”. Leading the list … “Software engineer”. Here are the Top 10:

Best Jobs in America
1. Software engineer
2. College professor
3. Financial advisor
4. Human resources manager
5. Physician assistant
6. Market research analyst
7. Computer/IT analyst
8. Real estate appraiser
9. Pharmacist
10. Psychologist


Money Magazine also (November 2010) published another list of the “100 Best Jobs in America”. Leading the list … “Software Architect”. In fact, more than 1 in 4 of the top 100 jobs are in information technology:

Best Jobs in America
1 Software Architect
7 Database Administrator
17 Information Systems Security Engineer
18 Software Engineering / Development Director
20 Information Technology Manager
21 Telecommunications Network Engineer
24 Network Operations Project Manager
26 Information Technology Business Analyst
28 Information Technology Consultant
30 Test Software Development Engineer
31 Information Technology Network Engineer
33 Information Technology Program Manager
35 Computer and Information Scientist
37 Programmer Analyst
38 Applications Engineer
49 Systems Engineer
60 Information Technology Specialist
66 Systems Administrator
67 Web Developer
70 Technical Services Manager
77 Information Technology Systems Manager
79 Information Technology Training Specialist
88 Technical Writer
95 Information Technology Project Coordinator
96 Web Project Manager
97 Geographic Information Systems Analyst


Fortune magazine recently published a list of the “Fastest-Growing Professional Jobs”, also based on U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics projections for 2002-2012. Seven of the 19 fastest growing jobs were computer science-related positions.

Fastest-Growing Professional Jobs
1. Environmental engineers
2. Network systems and datacom analysts
3. Personal financial advisors
4. Database administrators
5. Software engineers
6. Emergency management specialists
7. Biomedical engineers
8. PR specialists
9. Computer and infosystems managers
10. Comp, benefits, and job analysts
11. Systems analysts
12. Network and systems administrators
13. Training and development specialists
14. Medical scientists
15. Marketing and sales managers
16. Computer specialists
17. Media and communications specialists
18. Counselors, social workers
19. Lawyers


The National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) published a list of the “Top-Paid Majors Among College Class of 2010”. Four of the top ten were computer science-related majors.

Top-Paid Majors
Among College Class of 2010
1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Chemical Engineering
3. Mining and Mineral Engineering
4. Computer Science
5. Computer Engineering
6. Electrical/Electronics and Communications Engineering
7. Mechanical Engineering
8. Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering
9. Aerospace/Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering
10. Information Sciences and Systems


References: http://money.cnn.com/, www.itjobswatch.co.uk, www.cs.colorado.edu

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  • Sameer

    can a bsc csit degree holder be called as an engineer????

    • prakash

      yes Software Engineer, but may not Er.
      why do people try to get just title ?

  • Ajeet

    Does BScCSIT Degree holder gets job equivalent to that of computer engineers

    • prakash

      Yes most in private company, both are equivalent but in government office it is in processed and near to finalizing almost.

  • http://www.bsccsit.com bsccsit.com

    http://www.bsccsit.com is a webportal for B.Sc.CSIT Course. Follow the site to know more !

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  • Dhruba

    what is the eligibility to study BSC CS IT?

    any 12 completed student can join the course or not plz suggest me in my email.

    i am very interested to know that


    • prakash

      Hi Dhurba …. you can join CSIT if you scored 45% in +2 …. but your stream should be from Science …. but there are other course where other stream are also eligible

  • Sameer

    Really is Bsc.CSIT is equivelent to Be? And can i join M.tech after finsing this course in abrode country like India or other country. Is this course valid and well recognized outside of nepal also? Be not partial while answering these quries.. Coz its about my future.

    • prakash

      Hi Sameer, i already passed my bachelor… so there is not anypoint to be partial.
      If you want to join M.Tech in Foreign country, i am sure the top university of world will be happily welcome you… because you can secured more credit hours than 128 … what ever you need so this gaurante the eligibility the admission there….
      but in some university in India, where they patched with some university in Nepal need different requirement but it will be fine in some coming year … 🙂

  • bipin shrestha

    which is best bsc csit college in nepal?

    • Prakash Neupane

      It depend upon you what you are looking for …. most of the colleges are good, but every college has it’s own specialty……

  • Shreya Sharma
    • Prakash Neupane

      You have very less information about colleges, we have more than 25 colleges running right now and hope 10 more in few days


      If you want any information about B.Sc. CSIT then you have to follow http://www.bsccsit.com typically dedicated for B.Sc.CSIT Course in Nepal

  • abinash

    sir i want to talk with u want your ph no. plz sir i want to study bsc csit and i am totally confused so sir please help me i want to study in ktm and which college is best plz suggest my email id is abinashpoddar8@gmail.com
    hopping for your positive response

  • Prakash Neupane

    i have sent you email check it.

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  • सुदिप अधिकारी

    i am interested in computer,i want to be a programmer,which field should i choose?BSC.CSIT or COMPUTER ENGINEERING? and also please give me the details of what we will become after reading these subject. if you illustrate in difference of these two related subject it will be better for me to understand.

  • rajan

    whar’s about B.E. IT, is it far more better than just B.Sc. CSIT?

    • prakash

      BEIT, I don’t have any idea of it

  • abinash

    thanx bro your suggestion help me so much……………..

  • niraj

    i am interested in robotics for further studies what should i do?

    • Prakash Neupane

      electronic engineering will be better

  • Arish Nepal

    what is fee range for bsccsit in private college?does entrance exam is as hard as ioe?

    • Prakash Neupane

      i don’t know the new fee rate for this year but last time, it range from 2.5 to 8 lakhs

  • Ar Ish Nepal

    if we had more subects in elective then required then does we have to compulsory pass it for graduation?

    • Prakash Neupane

      yes you have to pass compulsory and even you have to pass certain number of elective … but no matter either you failed on extra elective.

      • Ar Ish Nepal

        thank you

  • Ar Ish Nepal

    does we have to pass the elective course we selected more than required?i mean if we add more electives for more credits does we have to pass it for graduation?

    • Jeth dai

      you have to pass if u wanna more credit hr, but no need to pass for the result & percentage

  • micropathak

    What is the scope in Nepal sir ? after study can able to find the job?

    • Prakash Neupane

      Most of people are well earned this days after completion and more intersting some students studying currently are doing job also. There are lot of space

  • abhishek tamrakar

    what kind of jobs we can get in nepal sir????

    • Prakash Neupane

      I can’t define all but most fashionable are Developers, Network Admin, Sys Admin, Researchers, Teachers, Consultants bha bha bha…….

  • Ar Ish Nepal

    is the iost entrance is esay?what documents are required to fill up form for entrance?

    • Prakash Neupane

      i think it is easy, you need to fill the form and give the TU entrance examination

      • Ar Ish Nepal

        what are the required documents ?

        • Prakash Neupane

          Go any college and ask for form, along with it they will tell you send you other docs

          • Harry poudel

            Can we study Bsc CSIT from management facuilty with basic mathematics?

          • Prakash Neupane

            No Mr. Harry

          • Harry poudel

            ok thank u

  • Ar Ish Nepal

    what credit hours does B.E computer from tu offers?

    • Prakash Neupane

      I don’t know you can check out the syllabus in google search

  • Arun Sunuwar

    Hello bro.. I am applying in different IT colleges in Nepal since i am interested in BscCsit. Some of the colleges are UK affiliated and offers us 360 credit hours. Moreover it takes just 3years for completion of bachelor where as TU affiliated colleges take 4years to complete bachelor and offers us 128 credit hours. Does credit hours make any difference? Is 3years degree holder with 360credit sensible? According to which one is better? I am confused so i need help from you bro.

  • amar

    bro or i shud say sir..your presentation in narayanghat at tirupati hotel was awesm…bro hajur sanga kura sodhna thyo.mero 12ko result ayo but 11ko auna baki cha(as mero back paper haru thyo k and it will cum probably mangsir tira)so am i eligible for studying bsccsit..also iost ko entrance appear garna chai gare…so if pass bhaebhane padhna paicha ta??

    • aashik

      padhna pauxau yar

  • aman Dhakal

    Currently i”m a student of computer Science at KU..we have course of 143 hours & it runs under school of engineering…can u distinguish the major difference between computer science &CSIT??

    • Prakash Neupane

      Basically there are not significant difference on much of Computer Science but usually differ by focused on some advance topic eg CSIT is focusing on Data Mining and AI or Networking . I haven’t seen KU syllabus on details. Most commonly it should cover fundamental of Computer Science

  • Raman Shrestha

    Hello, I am Currently studying BSc Computer Networking and IT Security, London Metropolitan University. Can i do ME Software Engineering after i get graduated?

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  • Aayush Sharma

    What are the acedemic requirements for Bsc Csit?
    Is computer science compulsary to study in +2?

    • Prakash Neupane

      yes Science in +2 is compulsory and you have to pass the central entrance examination

  • rajan

    DO i need to study science to study B.IT after +2?

    • Prakash Neupane


  • usage

    Bsc csit is for science student .Then is BIT for management Student .Please can anyone clarify me about that?

    • Prakash Neupane

      For BSc CSIT, Student should have science in Intermediate level but for BIT any stream can study

    • usage

      Thankyou sir .And is there any college in Nepal for BIT?

  • raj

    Hello I am raj .I have passed B. Sc. (Physics) in Nepal than what cource is best for me and which collage in colorado.

  • Real Milan

    Is there any possibility of getting a good job in nepal after completing this course.Basically i have interest in programming and has been learning it myself.So is there future of computer programming/mobile app development in nepal.

    • Prakash Neupane

      Yes Milan there is opportunity not just limited with in Nepal, You can see lots of example of it.

  • Ishwar bhatt

    Does Bsc CSIT can apply for the post of Computer Engineer of Public Service Commission?

    • Prakash Neupane

      No for now

  • PrZwl Regmi

    Sir maile suneko bsc csit
    gare pachi testo maaja le job paidaina re ta job
    pauna garo cha re ta …k ho kura job opportunities kasto cha salary range kasto cha eso clear gardinu na …aani ma PEA ma bsc csit ko entrance preperation bare ma bujna gayeko thiye yo bachelor ma student na payera ghar ghar ma khoj na janchan teti ramro chaina bhancha ta …ma bio ko student k garu garu bhaira k garne hola bsc csit ko latest demand haru ko bare ma bhannu na hai

    • Prakash Neupane

      i will write blog soon covering the latest demand of BSc CSIT in market. But aru kura ko answer chai: Scope and Salary ko limitation chhaina, people are getting paid for what they are working. Ani College ghar ghar jane bhae… wait gara timro ghar ma pani aaula. If you see the trends of last year… there were lots of students who passed entrance exam but failed to get admit.

      • PrZwl Regmi

        Haina malai ta bsc csit nai garna mancha tara aaru manche haru ko kura sunda ho ki jasto lagera sodeko

        • Prakash Neupane

          You have time spend more time to know more information.
          First understand what is your interest/passion, i can make you sure if it’s your passion you will not feel bad.

          • PrZwl Regmi

            Yo bsc csit ko entrance lai nai main focus garera kun institute le preperation class run garcha ? Yedi cha bhane name ra address provide garnu la .

          • Prakash Neupane

            Ahile samma testo specific institute chhaina but i suggest you can prepare your self. Pachhi college will provide free entrance preparation class.

  • Bibek

    hello sir , can we do M.Tech in KU after completing bsc CSIT?

    • Prakash Neupane

      Yes Bibek, You can do MTech

      • Bibek

        Thank you sir..

  • Gafadi Sandesh

    Tell me the major difference between Computer Er. & Bsc.CSIT.

    • Prakash Neupane

      I am not the astronomic to know what you have in your mind, Do some homework.
      I would love to tell you difference but you need to determine which part will convincing.

  • http://sijuwalithito.blogspot.com Keshab Poudel

    What was the difference between BCA and Bsc Csit?? I am confused plz help me out…

    • Prakash Neupane

      What is your stream at +2 level? If Management ignore BSc CSIT.

  • suman acharya

    sir can we do computer engineering after completion of Bsc Csit??

    • Prakash Neupane

      Do you mean BE?

  • Srijan Maharjan

    Sir your reviews were very helpful thank you,
    but I’m in a dilemma here should I join a entrance preparation class or is practicing at home sufficient??

    • Prakash Neupane

      It is sufficient at home if you are doing right

  • Aviyan Khadka

    Which is better to study Computer Eng. or B.sc CSIT and Can we do M.Sc in Physics if we study Bsc Csit ?

  • anjil

    sir, i completed my +2 in 2010 from science stream. i lost some of my years. currently i am involved in bbs. but i cant really put myself in this course. so can i join bsc csit ? my migration certificate is still in tu.

    • Prakash Neupane

      What is your academic stream on +2 level

      • anjil

        sir, in +2 i passed with biology.

        • Prakash Neupane

          You can do BSCCSIT

  • navin joshi

    I want to do bsccsit in kathmandu can you tell me which college is best for this course

    • Prakash Neupane

      Don’t follow other, choose what best for you. You have plenty

  • Utsav Shah

    Sir what about abroad jobs oppurtunities n master level study in abroad after BSC CSIT?

    • Prakash Neupane

      There are lots of my friends doing job and easily accepted for master degree abraod

  • shree sharma

    i have passed +2 in biology.. and i have maths in 11 only but not in 12 … so is there any chance that i can study bsccsit?

  • Aviyan Khadka

    can we study to science subjects ? i want to do bsc Physics and Bsc CSIT ?