Which is the Best CSIT college in Nepal?

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Once you decided to study Bsc CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology), next thing making worried is the college you need. Big Advertisement in newspaper is not enough to convince you. Selecting one college from 50 colleges is not easy. So that’s why, many students ask me name of college, which I never do.
Actually the best college differ with people’s expectation. Some people like the strict discipline, some want the flexible. Some people want the highest scorer and some want the maximum pass rate, Some people want the 100% class, some want extra curriculum. For me, I don’t want to choose the college on the base of result, it would be foolishness. The most important question when you trying to search the college should be “Is this college suit to me? Will I be happy there for 4 years?”

If you are here with the hope that I will say the name of college, then you should leave, but I can help you to how to find one.

Don’t forget, you have to score high to get choice.Read this blog http://prakashneupane.com.np/entrance-preparation-for-bsc-csit-prepare-for-future/


First Question: Why should I join your College?
When you go to market to buy mobile you always looks on the different features and trying to figure out if it fits on your budget. So same here, ask college about features 🙂

What is the college time?
You are going to study for 4 years, so you have to allocate your time for college. Ask college time and see how it suits to you. If you are doing job or planning to do job then I think Day College will not suitable for you.

How is the result of your college?
I already told it doesn’t matter, and truth is you can do better than anyone. But this question will forced the college to reasoning the result. So than will help you to understand how college is taking serious on students.

What additional things you provide me beside the college course?
Now the days, College are very tricky and I am sure they will say lot here, Some college may tell you they will send you in industrial tour in India, some will say they have contract/MoU with different IT companies here. Some will say they will provide additional PHP, JAVA, CCNA. See which one give you more offers which means to you.

What projects your students have made ?
You are not the first person who is asking question before admitting in that college. You are not only one who is worrying. If the college is not new, then there is already some students who decided . Ask the college what these students are doing there. What projects and application they build. Have they won any competition in hackathon, bootcamp, APP Development?

Where are your passed out student?
Ask what their passed out students are doing now. Ask more specific and trying to find how it worth.

Can I see your college?
Ask permission to college to see the building, labs and class.

With out knowledge of college try to meet the student, Meet 2-3 students and ask them about college. Most of time they will be right.

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