What Startup Should learn from AAP Victory

Winning something is never easy, there should be hardworking, passion and belief. Latest result of AAP in recent election shows the good lessons to everyone. Here i found some message for Startups.

Hard work Pay off

Arvind Kejriwal and his team have done over 700 public meetings. His MLAs have been working in their constituencies even after they quit. Which now paid off.

In startup phase, not every day might be able to pay you enough, but you should able to understand the investment of time. More you invest on your product, more it will sounds tangible.

Never Give up when you are in trouble

Many predicted the end of AAP after the result they got in General elections 2014. Their followers , major leaders and candidates leaved them. But Kejriwal said “ I will fight for the right thing”.

In case of most startups, there comes the situation like Give Up. When you fall, just get up, dust off your shirt, and move on.

Do small thing in great way

AAP start their campaign with small actions, small team. People saw them grow which helps other to belief on them.

Just reach out and explain things in simple terms to the people so that they can understand your product. Don’t sell the big jargon, and big dream.

Don’t try to buy your customer

AAP prove that the party is for common man, you can see lots of donation/contribution is coming from very general public where people are contributing from Rs. 5. So most people support the campaign freely unlikely most opposition spends lots of money on unnecessary things.

If you are honestly building the consumer products, they should feel this will works for them. Most startups spends time to selling their features and bla bla. Try to explain what pain you are healing of your customer.

Early birds get the worm

AAP and Kejriwal were preparing for change and election for long time, where there opposition was only focused on last minutes. From declaration of candidates to its manifesto, AAP was much ahead of the BJP and Congress.

If you are going to launch new product market then don’t wait for product ready time. You have to involve your customer from beginning and make them realise that you are building for people not for yourself. So they increase the trust level.

Accepting the mistake

Kejriwal put his ego aside and apologised for quitting after his 49 day stint as the CM of Delhi.

Most of the people try to prove themselves right for everything they have done, they spend most important time to explain it. So the wise decision, is to invest time in constructive things, so later people will understand what you have done was right or give you next chance.

Respect other and viewing the big picture

Opposition tried various strategies to break AAP and Kejriwal but Kejriwal stood steady as a rock. He didn’t fall in this trap and had nothing but respect for Kiran Bedi .This helped his cause.

Take seriously the competitors, don’t forget they are also same as you. You have to study and analyse them, understand. The good strategy is to be good with them. They are also there for wining the market.

Strong belief in your idea

Like Kajriwal has undoubted belief on his ideology, so he never break down and continue his fighing from his NGO Parivartan, to campaigning with Anna Hazare, to forming AAP. People who were not much convinced at first started believing AAP is the right to make it.

No matter how many people see your idea will work, if you show your hard working and progress you gain in each step. You will have increasing engagement.


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