What is the best in BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT)

Due to my single article, (http://prakashneupane.com.np/why-bsc-csit)I got more than 20 queries in last 1 year. Every question was similar some how … So I though I should write next article to answer all those question.

Which is best BSC CSIT, BE or other IT course?
– I don’t think people are comparing on the contents of these course, because the problem students usually think on what is next? They are very worried about the job, foreign study and recognition. And this is also obvious …. because the situation is like most of the students studying general science, management humanities are not very well known with Computer jargon. So my suggestion is if you like to learn really a good course in terms of principle, theory and basic/fundamentals of development CSIT might be best option you may be lead toward the Researcher real Computer Scientist. If you think about being Software Engineer, CSIT would also be nice option for you, The weight of System Analysis, Software Engineering, Basic and Advance Programming, Computation are really enough for you. If you have interest in Network and System Administrator, I think this is only one subject which will give you privilege to learn you more than 15 credit hours (if I am not wrong[Actually I am database guy] ) Same option for the student interest in Database. So over all this course will cover most of the market demanded things which justify you can have nice future…. Remember I am only talking about CSIT…… who knows about BE, BCIS, BIT, BCA (Really I have only studied CSIT)

What is the scope of this course?
Honestly speaking, In technology people invest in skill not in certificate so first answer is, there is not direct relation with scope and certificate. So I am not intends to discourage you, You have to study well to get good skill. This course have good balance of course study from fundamental to advance. You will not regret but point is how you want to drive your career. Today I think most of my friends are in good position in different company and even some have their own. So it already proved the course but it doesn’t prove you. So point is none of the company will throw your resume because of your are studying CSIT.

Will I accepted in abroad ?
Oh my god, how much you are conscious about your future. You are in very beginning of CSIT and you have whole 4 years to complete (may be more than 4 who knows) but you are thinking about the time which can’t not predictable(i even can’t guarantee what I will do next week ). May be you will be married in 4 years and start your responsibility for your family ?? or May be you will start your business and thinking to make it large??? who knows But I can understand this is obvious, even some of my friends aimed to go abroad after Bsc CSIT, but today I think they forgot it ….. they are happy with what they have today. So my point so think for present, don’t go too far. You are studying the course affiliated/developed my one of the most renowned university of Nepal and it have already privileged and recognition in all over the world. So you will have right to apply in top university but acceptance of your chance is fully depend upon you and them.

Which is the best College?
Well till now, no one have gave me any money for saying their name so how could I recommend one name (even if I recommend it will be my personal thought). But I can say like Government college have close relation with University (you are thinking you will know question before exam?? noway) so they are very updated with activities, government selected teacher will be there so we can hope you will have chance to get good teachers (but this is not happening till date). Most important thing you will not need to pay big money, Government college is very cheap fees… Private College they take good fees and hope they will provide good infrastructure of your cost(who cares every students are having their own machine these days). In case of teachers, most of the teachers of government college of nepal are depend on private college so same teachers here. I heard some college will give you extra features like tours, visits, picnics and many more.

Will I get Er ?
No way that is not yours. But there are lot of things that we are struggling for getting like it. I believe Er. is just the recognition so we are asking for recognition and we know this is happening because we are new here and I hope we will get soon.

Problems ?
Yah there are lot of problem, When I was joining as the first batch there were even more than now. First we struggle for our existence, we promoted this course in our own way, we interact with industry, university and many other actors. After that we faced the problem of competency then again we started to learn and some how we are success in it. Today there are some problem in policy are we are fighting for our right and I think this is continuous process.

Last question : What is the eligibility ?
You can join if you scored minimum 45% in +2 as aggregate . You have to give simple University Entrance Exam same as IOE You must from science background but don’t worry there are other course as well where other stream are also eligible.

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  1. sir , when will be the entrance exam conducted by TU ,, have its form opened yet ,, and how will we know form has opened or not . Please inform !!

  2. Sir,
    I appreciate your words and respect your suggestions. So, please recommend a college name which u think probably is best at this time . I am here in great dilemma and thus want to overcome my confusion . So, please point out the best college for Bsc csit .

  3. sir,does some college does not give admission to students scoring below 55% in +2?.which can give and which cannot please give me a list.

    1. Which college? May be some college have make guideline for themselves …. rest other colleges will happy to give admission who are basic eligible

    1. Students have the choice of elective, most college have offered this. Just you need to pay for each examination fee for extra subject. As per my knowledge most college give lecture only for extra one course. you can check the list of subject.

      1. thank you,and can we add more electives than needed for extra credits. even if there is no lecture class in college available can we add elective subject and give exam with self study?

        1. You can add as much you like but it should be in course, how much i know there were few students who gave 4 subjects most. where they prepared 2 subject on their own

  4. Are we( csit student ) are eligible for Information &
    Engineering at
    Tribhuvan University
    Institute of Engineering

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