What are the scopes of BSC CSIT? How tough is to get job after graduation?

Well, this is the big concern for the students who take decision them selves. I know you came here to get some honest anwer so that it will help you to decide if you can go for it.

My suggestion for you:

  1. Before you go for kind of jobs you are expecting, You should understand BSC CSIT is acedemic degree which give you strong fundamental knowledge about Computer Science and Technology. This is like the algebra and simplification you studied in Math in your school life. Use this fundamental knowledge, you can solve bigger problem. Here my point is you will learn lots of things which will give you confident and freedom to choose the career you like
  2. Area of Scopes can be categorised in different dimensions. One of the area is : Core Technical Area (You can be good software Developer, Network Administration, Database Administration, System Administration, Designer, Security Expert and other technical skill person) Hybrid Technical Area(System Analysis Expert, SEO, Social Media Expert, Quality Assurance  ) and non tech (Teacher/Instructor,  Policy Practitioner, Internet Activist, Researcher )
  3. You are not limited to doing job, There is the interesting trend students are doing their own startups and giving job to others
  4. The scope is limitless but you have to cope with other skills like communication, presentation, group work and many other things.

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