Travelling major cities from Nepaljung to Biratnagar.

I am not typical travelling kind of person. But day to day doing same job made me machine. I feel tired and there is no more kick except in Cinema Hall. So i decided to travel major cities from Nepaljung to Biratnagar.

This is my personal tour, i don’t have any specific program set, but i would like to see how IT is grooming out side the capital. So i will give my best to meet CS/IT/Eng students, professionals. If there is anyone i should meet please refer me.

22 Shrawan : Nepalgunj 
23 Shrawan: Dang – Ghorahi
24 Shrawan: Butwal 
25 Shrawan: Chitwan
26 Shrawan: Pokhara
27 Shrawan: Birgunj
28 Shrawan: Eastern – Biratnagar

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