Tourism for Poverty Reduction

Every country are standing together to solve the biggest problem for everyone, which has been significantly positioned from ages. Poverty and inequality. UN, World Bank and other international organization has building program and supporting nations to make it effective.

One of the sector which can play the integral role to fulfill the mission is Tourism.

How big is the problem of poverty? There are about 700 million people living on less than $2 a day.

The only way we can achieve the success over this is by working with partners from the public and private sectors, civil society, academia and international organization which will increase the effectiveness and impact.

There are lots of evidence that shows tourism is the effective means which will make every individual participatory and get benefited by it. Tourism creates lots of job and opportunity for all kind of people and attracting foreign investment. Tourism enables people to gain job skills and professional experience, and promotes social mobility. Tourism also drives the development of infrastructure that is very important, like airports, roads and hotels, which connect economies to global value chains and increase trade.

If you see the role, Government and International Agencies can play the critical role to develop the infrastructure like Airports, Roads, Routes, where Foreign Investors and Big Business people can invest on Accommodation, transportation service, resources which is essential for tourism facility and activities, Univesities/Academias can produce productive human resource which of course always been backbone of effectiveness of service it need to sell to customer, CSO are crucial to ensure safety, security, and standardize. SME can market, sell and sustain ecosystem. All together we can see how it get platform for scope for all kinds.

The sector is powerful job creator, providing livelihoods and pathways out of poverty for millions, across genders, ages and skill levels. According to the WorldBank Group Presidnet Jim Yong Kim, Globally, one out of every 11 jobs is linked to travel and tourism. Research shows that tourism has almost twice as many women employers as other sectors. It also employs young people at about twice the rate of other industries. Which define inclusive growth.

Go through the example, Kenya has 14 percent of national economic output and 12 percent of total employment from Tourism sector. In the Maldives, tourism makes up more than 40 percent of the economy, it is about triple what it was 25 years ago. And is a major source of government revenue, helping finance people’s health and education. All the reports shows the chart is gaining height every year and now the people are spending more money in developing countries than developed countries.

For the developing country we need to focus on how we can involve every individual in this industry regardless of their platform and expertise. We have lots of hidden and unexplored things in local places. Every individuals are enough to tell about that place, build it better and protect it from extinct. Lets collaborate together and build over it.

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