Tourism for ALL for inclusive growth of Industry

Today Number of people traveling to developing country is bigger than developed country. If we see the trends, the reason of why people are traveling is completely different than yesterday. People want to spend some of their time in different locality where they never been, want to be part of different culture and tradition. They want to see how art is working in local communities, they want to learn how local food can cook. they also want to teach in schools and want to support what they need.

If we see the industry, Only few established tourism company is serving, and the fact is they only can’t handle this business. Good accommodation is not enough to facilitate tourist, Theywant to live in homestay also. You can’t say Mt. Everest is only enough to bring tourist in Nepal. Tourist want to see our jatra, our festival, They want to travel to small village in Lalitpur and want to plan a rice with local farmers.

All these point here to justify, Tourism is no more limited to few entity. Government can play vital role to develop infrastructures to support it, International agencies can play important role to make the competent environment, private sector is selling it to tourist, local people are serving. Every sector can contribute and earn from it. Think about School, Hospital, Transportation, local shops, local restaurant can easily facilitate the ecosystem.

There used to be the time, when Tourist confirm their itinerary before starting travel. They used to spends month to plan on everything. But today, people like to do instantly. They use google and travel portal to find what is good for today, and book instantly without talking with anyone. If you are good with technology, you can be there to connect travellers to service providers. You can be the one to suggest them what is good for them.

The benefits of tourism is wide. Tourism share our valuable cultural and environmental treasures with everyone. It make us able to share skills. It also produce lots of job.

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