First CSIT Inter College Quiz Maina

Now all the hang up of First CSIT Inter College Quiz Maina is over with the wining by the winners, champion of champions New Summit college. If I tell you little bit more about quiz, then it was the quiz competition among 15 participants from around 11 colleges, organized by 2068 batch of BSc CSIT students of Amrit Campus. First trophy has taken by New Summitters, Second by Asian and Third by CAB. I want to show some glance of whole program that I observed over the time as I was indirectly associated with it.

First time when they(organizer of First CSIT Inter College Quiz Maina) informed me about their planning and preparation I was really stunned for hearing it , even that was their first program but they are planning as an experienced one. I remember I was almost agreed with them except some nominal points(but I forgot what was it). They was start with standalone but sluggishly they cover whole campus. What they hadn’t done, they run every college whole day, they run lot of companies for sponsorship, they run lot of organizations for support. One of them shared me, some of them highly inspired them support them while some of them humalities  them very badly but they didn’t stop either there. I thought after all they know, they should digest all that for move ahead.


Some people said most of program success depend on Organizer(organizing team). I think this is very true, team work is most gist part of any event, in case of  First CSIT Inter College Quiz Maina, organizer team were very good in collaborative work and most of them were seem like they believed in each other. Beside organizer, I felt there was a good team work between participants. I never saw them as participants, because most of program participants were demandable, they were never ready for understanding means they seems very unfamiliar and strange. But here they were very different, they were very familiar, tends like a family, they were very understandable with every situations. I means here for this program, organizer’s effort was not countable for success every participants had done their fair role to make this program success.
I made some point while speech there, this program should not just limit for winning the trophy or title. But after this moment, it must tend toward the great collaboration with each student of BSc CSIT. We know this will help for sharing to caring with each individual. We have a reality that we are new in nation but we are going to have a competition with the consistent and stable players of market, so we know we will not getting easy to make us comparable with them. So we need to work together, Unification rises Strength.rogram, organizer’s effort was not countable for success every participants had done their fair role to make this program success.


I hope we will get to be part of more innovative program in coming days, after we all known with same name CSIT.