Summary on Why to Start a Startup

When i heard about the class on How to Start a Startup was going to start, i was very excited. I signed up and waiting for the time. And, Finally time came. The first class was Why to Start a Startup, Sam will be starting things off tomorrow, and Dustin Moskovitz (cofounder of Facebook, Asana, and Good Ventures) will cover it.

Here are some points i learn from it.

  • If you think you can earn lots from Startup, it’s better to do other things. You should drive from your passion of solving problem. You should believe on your idea.
  • If people are laughing  at your idea, you should be happy you can be next world changer. Facebook, iPhone has similar history.
  • 4 things that make a great startup – Idea, Product, Team, and Execution
  • What ever you are building, think about your customer first: Think about what they want.
  • Remember Market at first
  • After all Startup is about team effort, so find the potential co-founder.
  • Great Idea -> Great Product -> Great Company
  • First build the product and talk the user.
  • Yes, you might need other things like Adviser, Sales, Business plan, but at first ignore all.
  • No matter how many users are you getting at first, if that small number is loving it, you have build good.
  • Latter large number of people will also like it.
  • So start with smaller number.
  • First users come manually, work close with them. Take feedback from them.
  • Think about – What do they like? What would they pay for? What would make them recommended it?
  • Don’t put anyone between you and your customers
  • Be available for every time.

Here is the total lecture :

You can see video also here


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