Social Dialogue in Telecom Sector: “Harmonizing Industrial Relation in the context of changing Business Model in ICTS Sector”

Social Dialogue in Telecom Sector

“Harmonizing Industrial Relation in the context of changing Business Model in ICTS Sector”

December 19-20, 2012

Venue: Hotel Himalaya

NTCWU, TEEN and UNICTS jointly organized the program to make social dialogue in telecom sector in Nepal.  Despite of cabinet meeting of government, chief guest of program Honorable Minister Raj Kishore Yadhav, Ministry of Information and Communication was came for 10 minutes and put his words.

Suvash Bajracharya, CEO Smart Telecom talked about new trend of business environment for licensed companies.

Narayan Neupane, Vice President of CAN put the words behalf of CAN working for ICTS development in Nepal. He said CAN is looking for infrastructure development and content development. He added 64% of mobile user indicate the role of telecommunication in Nation.

Jyoti Bania, General Secretary of consumer’s forum strongly recommends creating the favorable environment for existing industries and operators. He added this kind of social dialogue should be directed toward the easy, better and quality services. He said healthy competitive culture should developed among telecom sector in Nation.

Per Henson, HR director of NCELL talked about the challenge of NCELL in terms of fast and better service in very lower price. He mentioned about the relationship between union and management in NCELL , he proud to have such relationship, he added to make a profit and make success in company, both management and union should understand the business. His understanding was, it takes time to change, and we shouldn’t rush.

Ananda Raj Khanal, director of NTA suggested unions to change their images, he said people are understanding unions are destructive so now it’s time to change the definition with the changing business model.

Amar Nath Singh, MD of NTC, share an experience in telecom history. In his views, Telecom has 3 phases. First before 47- time was ruled by dictatorship, worst time of telecom. Seond phase After 47- changing the behavior in management and union and third phase is current time, which is the major development period, he said NTC is doing government role and proud to be most Taxpayer of Nation. He also said now a day unions are matured.

After this, inauguration ceremony for Social Dialogue had over .

Meanwhile there were 3 papers presented in program, In first session Ananda Raj Khanak, Director of NTA presented on Changing Business Model in Telecommunication/ICTs , he explained why this topic is so important in this age, he showed the factors creating the alarm situation in telecom sectors. Session was moderated by Sushil Kumar Ojha Joint Secretary of MOIC. where other panalist were MadhuSudhan Karmacharya from NTC, Suvash Bajracharya from Smart Cell, Mahendra Yadhav from Trade Union and Shankar Lamichhane from UNI-NLC.

Another Paper was on “Ethical Business for Better Social Partner ship: Role of Employer” by Mr. Tomy Holopeain CFO of NCELL. He explained the business procedure and social responsibility that NCELL is doing. He showed how NCELL is making relation with Government, NTA to follow the policies and working with Employees and union for better business understanding . at a time Mr. Chakrapani Acharya from NTC representing TEAN presented on “Efficiency: Concern of Trade Union”. Session was moderated by Kebal bhandari, Director of DOL. Panelist were Binay Bohara from ISPAN, Prabin Shrestha from SmartCell, Anada Khanal from NTA, Jyoti Bania from Consumer’s Forum and Shyam Sundar from NTC.

The two days program concluded after making dialogue among Union Representation from Telecom and ICTS Sector. and Finally it formed a new Draft Preparation Committee for Better Ethical practice for Union, management. The comittee was formed in the coordination of Shankar Lamichhane, followed by Prakash Neupane, Indu Charya, Ale ji, Rewati ji and Shankar Katwal.

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