Social Development in CSIT

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In glance, may this topic seem not familiar here with Technology student like you. But believe me it will get its place at last.  Let’s go on topic, what is Social Development, you can get different definition over the Internet. Whatever, Social development can be summarily described as the process of organizing human energies and activities at higher levels to achieve greater results. Social Development increases the utilization of human potential.

I remember one incident, when I was in first class of Bsc CSIT, we had introduction round, when my turn came I said like” My name is Prakash Neupane and I am from Butwal”, after me another guy also told he was from Butwal and similarly 2 other guys were also said like it. That made us attention with each other and we talked after class. But later we knew, actually none of us were exactly from Butwal, all of us were from nearby Butwal. Here come one question why we said same? May be the answer is, relation and uniformity.

3-4 years ago, when I was in program and someone asked me what are you persuading, I replied Bsc CSIT and he asked again What it means? And explained Bsc Computer Science and Information Technology.  But he again asked what is this? I explained every thing about CSIT. Still I couldn’t see much understanding over his face and may be finally he was neglecting. But I hoped someone should understand my first time word

Last month I was invited in talk program on Career Concern “Era of CSIT”  organized by Meeting Point. Every guest were there for promoting CSIT and exploring the scope of CSIT. Most of them are comparing our course with Engineering and voicing that we should get Er. as well,  they tried to convince viewers that we are better suited for developer and network person as engineering one. But I as a student felt like we have no identity, every time we were compared with other, who knew we are not only good in development and networking we are also good in e-Education, e-Tourism, e-Health, research, and many more. And this is my Identity.

Now we can say Social Development is for relation, uniformity, understanding and identity. It expand our strength for leading in initial discovery as we are new and later it will help to add strength to add values on existence. So we believe  Social Development elevate and accelerate the expansion and development of human capabilities in any field, leading to fresh discoveries, improvement of existing activities and capacity for greater results. Our practices toward the social Development in not other than the development of our capabilities. Beside raising the question and criticizing other, we should prove ourselves first, so no one can counter question on us.  And our social organizing procedures and practices are always stand for it. We sensed the need of social development and we moved on a way, I don’t say actually now we developed but we are organized some way, remember organizing is the basis and power of community, because it give title, hand, idea and many more so I can feel on gratified to start all this. This initiation leads us on more space, where we can feel our existence. We have lot of example of this, Few year ago when we searched CSIT in google, we hardly get any link and any info of our Computer Science and Information Technology. But now what we are getting, number of college’s website link, different portals and info-sites like,,, different personal blog, community blog and many more. Next example, While my batch was studying in 2nd semester, we hardly participate in any programs but now what 2nd semester are doing, they are not just participating in program, they are even organizing in their own strength.  Another example I remember my last year, when I applied on some software Development company for job, most of them had asked me about CSIT, but now around 100 companies heard about CSIT and some are even mention CSIT while opening job. So these thing make us feel our strength, capacity and existence.

There are always some role models and players for Social Development, and those role players are always the voice of whole society. So try to be a voice, but it doesn’t means that you should be the prime minister to raise a voice. Anyone in society has equal rights and equal share to express. We are the citizen of democratic country and institution; we have every right that each legal citizen of this country have, so we have a freedom to analyses action, criticize them, appreciate them, motivate them. But Different is, if we appreciate and motivate them, they will continue and if we criticize obviously they will break down…… but I know there are some who never break down on what other blame they work on their way. While I am talking on these terms of social development, here comes some headshots what will be the personal development, answer is simply hard, It depends on you, some people say social development activities help us to be responsible, some say it help you to make social profile, some says it is just the way to ride on professional. So lets be the part of it, don’t wait for anybody, start yourself. Just you need to think differently, explore possibilities, you initiation will give everyone strength to rise new initiation. And lastly there will be more than 1000s hands to support your initiation.

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