Rebuilding the nation after Disaster: Lession from Nepal Earthquake

There are lots of things that nation has to do to prepare for preventing from loss that might occurred from disaster. In only very few cases, Government can know when it happens. Disaster cause massive loss of resources, infrastructures, lives and property but not limited with tangible things, it destroy the image of that place which marked as No Go Zone. Which impacted long last, and it can’t be restored by funding/donation support you get from anywhere.

In April 25, We faced 7.8 magnitude of Earthquake, which became the massive devastation of losing more than 8000 lives and damaged more than 300000 houses. People live with after-shock for few next months. Because of that, Nepal was the subject of news for all kind of media. The pictures showing the worst situation and pain of people were on social media and internet for collecting the support for the needy people. Media and INGOs plays important role to gain support and grief which was kind of important things for rescue and restoration. But it was not helping eventually for long run, People recognized Nepal for big earthquake.
Country, which has important role in GDP of tourism sector has immersed with No Go Zone. It seems affected when we realized there was huge downfall on number of tourist who were coming to Nepal, although nation was back to normal life. We dig into some fact and we found, Our image has been quite changed and people still used to see us as same devastated image.
We agreed, We need the program and activities which will change the perspective of people from outside. We need to rebuild the trust of world as much as before. It was not easy, now we have to fight with all the established international media and powerful INGO to show how much we are right.

The idea we came with was, Creating the online platform which will be official statement about the status of place/destination after earthquake and the story of travellers who are coming in Nepal after earthquake. We knew that people will not completely believe on us if we just say Nepal is safe to Visit. They need proof, and the best evidence can be personal stories of one of them and picture. It was not just an idea which sounds well but the team that was formed from cross sector. It was combination of Government and Private Sector supported by International Agencies. We named it
One of the famous campaign of for NepalNow was “I AM IN NEPAL NOW” people taking selfie with playcard. The idea was adopted by industry, they asked their customer to do selfie and share in their social media with #nepalnow hashtag. So that their friend can see that their friends are enjoying their holiday in Nepal. There were also few other campaigns which seems interesting like “I WISH I WAS IN NEPAL NOW” and “I AM GOING TO NEPAL NOW”

i am in nepalnow
This is one of the actions we took after crises, It doesn’t means its only way, there were lots of effort by individual people, communities and government to revive it for another life. But I learn one lessons, everyone should do something, Crises unite everyone, it teaches how you should fight. And the end it will make you more confident to do better than yesterday.

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