Open Community Collaboration Consortium

Great thing is, We are growing. It was a time, when we talked about Open Source, Open content, Open Data etc… We need to start from what is open? How it will make different? Why you should be the part of it? Now, We are on different position. We have more number of focus group also. Some group are working for Free and Open Source Software, some for Open Data, some people are working for Open Content (Wikipedia), some for Open Web, some for Open Street Map, some for open hardware and many more. That’s why everyday you can see some activities happening.

Worst thing is, We only know this. It seems like we have been focusing for same target repeatedly and it holds the limitation of outreach. And this impact the big audience is out of knowledge and you know the number make sense here. I think this is the cause why government is not talking serious for this.

Solution is, Uniting among us can save energy. I think it would be better if we can show the combine existence that make more easy to move ahead. The major impact will be on government. There are lot of space where government should endorse either from Curriculum or Data Portal, they should present it well. And Me together with Prabin and Hempal has pitched this idea on workshop for IT Roadmap from Government of Nepal. This is only possible from top down approach.

It is not so simple as it seems, that’s why On the occasion of celebrating Open Data Day in Nepal, We launch Open Community Collaboration Consortium.

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