[NRICTS] Monthly Technology Transfer – September 2012: Internet Security

Nepal Russia ICT Society is coming with new topic in this new session of Monthly Technology Transfer. The seventh regular monthly program is on topic of Internet security, this is the topic presenting on the day of Internet in Russia. The presenter of this September month will Nastya, Deputy Director of Russian Cultural Center.

The whole presentation will on the subject regarding Internet Security, not in its traditional understanding of scamming, bullying, DDoSing etc., but focusing on the global informational aspect of Internet.The main point will be Internet as means of creating public opinion, instrument of forming ideologies and controlling their spreading and influence and usage of social networks as platform of this kind of work.

The idea and purpose of this presentation is to show Nepali youngsters that security on the internet does not always mean viruses and trojans, it is much wider and complicated thing, concerning your mind and attitude towards other people, political situation, government, religion and so on, and that it is a good idea to know that there are special people whose profession is propogandistic or subversive activities, to stand your ground, develop criticizm and always analyze information before taking it, distributing further of acting.
If you like to join there please come there in Russian Cultural Center, kamalpokhari at 5:00pm wednesday 26th September.
here is a facebook event:

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