My Affiliations

Smart Samaj

Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal

  • Ambassador of Open Knowledge Foundation for Nepal for 2013 and 2014.
  • Review Committee of the International Council
  • Contributor on
  • Advocating and promoting Open Knowldege in terms of open data, open content, open science, open government and open education in Nepal
  • Organizer of City Spending Data Party
  • Organizer of Document Freedom Day 2013
  • Organizer of Girls in ICT 2013
  • Participants on the Open Data Literacy Bootcamp
  • Winner on Open Data Literacy Bootcamp- Wise Vote

One Young World

  • Ambassador of One Young World 2013/14
  • Launched G-Hackademy


Shuttleworth Foundation

  • fellowship for 2014

 Wikimedia Nepal

I worked for community ttill 2014

  • Member of Wikimedia Nepal
  • Team member of Wikimedia Education in Nepal
  • Review committee of WLM 2013
  • Wikiwistar
  • Organizer of various Editathon in Colleges in Nepal.

Computer Science and Information Technology Association of Nepal (CSITAN)

I have been involving with the CSITAN since its establishment.

  • Founder President of CSIT Association of Nepal
  • Speaker/Organizer of Blogging Workshop in different CSIT Colleges.
  • Strategic Partner/Volunteer Manager of ICT Branding Expo 2012.[Bhrikutimandap]
  • Strategic Partner of Mobile Expo 2012. .[Bhrikutimandap]
  • Organizer of 1st University Industry Tie Up.[Smritibhawan]
  • Organizer of Information Security and Defense[New Summit College]
  • Organizer of 2nd University Industry Tie Up[SEDA Hall]
  • Partnering with different Organization ICT Association of Nepal, Mobile Traders Association of Nepal, GDG Kathmandu, Robotics, Mobile Social Networking and other…
  • Participating and Organizing different talk program, seminars, workshop, conference organized by CSITAN


Free and Open Source Software Nepal (FOSS Nepal)

I was active from 2010 to 2014.

  • Exhibitor in Software Freedom Day 2010 by NOSK[NCIT]
  • Leader of Event Coordination and College Coordination Team of Software Freedom Day 2012
  • Presenter on FOSS and SFD in different Colleges[Amrit Campus, Academia, Bernherdt, Texus, St.Lawrence, NCIT, ACME, Rainbow School, Patan Campus, Aberdeen,]
  • Presenter on eLibrary and FOSS in SOS Dhulikhel
  • Presenter on Virus Free Computing in CAN Softech 2012 organized by CAN
  • Participating and organizing different talk program, seminars and other activities.


Computer Association of Nepal (CAN)

I was volunteered from 2010 to 2012.

  • Exhibitorfor Office of Control of Certification in CAN InfoTech 2010 [Bhrikutimandap]
  • Volunteerin CAN Softech 2010 [DECC]
  • VolunteerCoordinatorin CAN Info Tech 2011 [Bhrikutimandap]
  • VolunteerCoordinatorin CAN Softech 2011 [DECC]
  • Organizer of Walkathon on National ICT Day 2011 and 2012[Maitighar-Basantapur]
  • Presenter at Seminar in CAN Softech 2012
  • Participating different talk program, seminars, conference organized by CAN

Student to Professional [S2P]

  • Founder of S2P
  • Yatra Professional ko @ Sunway Int’l College in Mobile World
  • Yatra Professional ko @ Amrit Campus in Web World

GDG Kathmandu

I have been involving since its establishment to 2013.

  • Founder Member of GTUG and GDG Kathmandu
  • Organizer of Blogging Workshop in different CSIT colleges.
  • Speaker on “Google Technology” in NCEIT Fair 2012[NCE]
  • Organizer of Google Devfest 2012[Local Development Tranining ]
  • Organizer of Android Basic 1 [GPA]
  • Organizer of Google Bootcamp[SAP Falcha]


ICT Association of Nepal

  • Volunteer Manager on ICT Info Trade 2012[Bhrikutimandap]
  • Strategic partneron ICT Info Trade 2012


Information Technology – Society, Nepal (IT-S, Nepal)

I have been involving with the ITS Nepal since 2009 to 2014.

  • Member since 2009
  • Executive Member for 2011-2014.
  • Organizerof BrainDigit 9thNational ICT Conference 2012 [Alphabeta Complex]
  • Organizerof National ICT Conference 2009 [KEC]
  • Volunteer in IT Revolution 2010 representing ITS Nepal organized by CIST[Fun Park]
  • Volunteerin CAN Softech 2010 representing ITS Nepal
  • Organizerof National ICT Conference 2011 [Local Development Training Center]
  • VolunteerCoordinatorin CAN Info Tech 2011 representing ITS Nepal
  • VolunteerCoordinatorin CAN Softech 2011 representing ITS Nepal
  • Organizerof National ICT Conference 2012 [Local Development Training Center]
  • Sub Coordinator of National ICT Quiz Competition[Xavier House]
  • Organizer of Walkathon on National ICT Day 2011 and 2012 [Maitighar-Basantapur]
  • Participating and organizing different talk program, seminars and other activities.

Nepal Russia ICT Society (NRICTS)

I have been involving since its establishment to 2014.

  • Founder Executive Member of NRICTS[2012-2014]
  • Organizer of Monthly Technology Transfer [2012 to till now] [Russian Culture Center]
  • Speaker on “Prominence of establishment of NRICTS” in Nepal Russia Friendship Society’s inauguration in Chitwan. [Narayangrah]
  • Organizer of seminar in Digital Literacy Day 2012 [Russian Culture Center]


Nepal Science Olympiad

  • Member on Nepal Science Olympiad
  • Organizer of seminar and rally on World Science Day



I have been involving with UNICTS Nepal since its establishment to 2014

  • Founder/ Executive Member of UNICTS Nepal
  • Committee for preparing Action Draft for Ethical Business with in Telecom Sector
  • Program Coordinator of Organizing Out Sourced Worker in ICT in Chitwan.[Narayangarh]
  • Organizer/Speaker of Organizing Out Sourced Worker in ICT in Kathmandu.[CLASS Nepal]
  • Presenter on Web1.0, Web2.0, Social Media and Cyber Union for NCELL Employees Union.[Mirabel Resort]
  • Organizer/Participant of Social Dialogue in Telecom Sector 2012.[Hotel Himalaya]



I have been involving since 2011 to 2014.

  • Secretary of UNITES Nepal[2012-2014]
  • Participate in Leadership and Personality Training 2011[CLASS Nepal]
  • Local Program Coordinatorof Organizing IT workers and Issues Program in Butwal[Butwal]
  • Strategic Meeting for 2069 in Dhulikhel organized by NLC[Mirabel Resort]
  • Participate in Youth Workshop in Dhulikhel organized by UNI[Mirabel Resort]
  • Participate in Cooperative Movement in Nepal.[Hotel Radisson]


River of Peace Campaign Nepal(ROPC Nepal)

  •  Web Consultant of ROPC


Beside these, I am involving and working with other many organizations like IACSIT, Mobile Social Networking, Robotics Association of Nepal, GPA Nepal, Mobile Traders Association of Nepal, Mozilla Nepal, OSM Nepal, CoTS, ISOC Nepal



  • Ambassador of OKFN Nepal
  • Founder of S2P
  • Founder President of  CSIT Association of Nepal
  • Secretary of UNITES Nepal
  • Executive Member of UNICTS 
  • Executive Member of Information Technology Society, Nepal
  • Executive Member of Nepal Russia ICT Society
  • Executive Member of ITPAN
  • WEB Consultant of ROPC.
  • Member of Mozilla Nepal
  • Member of Google Developer Group(GDG) Kathmandu
  • Member of FOSS Nepal
  • Member of Nepal Science Olympiad
  • Member of IACSIT


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