Mozilla South Asia Inter-Community Meet-up 2013


The first Mozilla South Asia Inter-Community meet-up will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal, on 23-24 February 2013, with the coordination from Mozilla Nepal Regional community. It will bring together community leaders from the South Asia, including paid staff from across theĀ SAARC countries, to meet for 3 days of presentations, breakout sessions and discussions to plan the implementation of the Mozilla South Asia community road map for 2013 and ensure that the regional community is fully aligned with greater engagement efforts across the Mozilla organization.

The aim of the workshop is to enable Mozilla communities in the South Asia region to share and learn from each other’s experience working on the Mozilla Project, improve collaboration in the future, and work on specific tasks. The event will be focused on operations & roadmap planning for each existing local communities of the South Asia.

South Asia is a unique region with diverse cultures and with a great community presence. The three day meet will help nurture, plan and motivate the regional communities to collaborate, develop and grow.



The core goal of this event is to determine the near-future action planning in South Asian region. Hence, this is a leadership meetup. Although, we’ll have the opportunity to flaunt Mozilla presence in a public cross-community FOSS event at Open Data Day, on the afternoon of 23rd Feb.

In this public event for Open Data Day (ODD), with the assistance of Mozilla Nepal community, we can spread awareness about Mozilla project, Firefox Mobile & Desktop, Firefox OS, Webmaker, and how easy it is to get involved in it.

Expect expectations from you. Represent your community, be proactive. Prepare to talk about your focus area, your contribution, new ideas you’d like to get a feedback on, or want to suggest changes on how something has been done in the community.

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