[IT-S Nepal] Braindigit 9th National ICT Conference 2013

The dynamics of Information technology is being change day by day and the impact of the newer technology has led youngsters move towards involvement of cyberspace with respect to cyber crime. Such crimes may threaten a nation’s security and financial health, as well as someone’s individual’s life and their data. Different social media are not only nurturing young minds to the digital world but also insist and encourage them to the pornography, cyber-crime and such other kinds which can manipulate those young minds to the physical world Crime. Awareness among Nepalese Students and Youths is now more concerned subjects and ITS, Nepal feel these responsibilities. The awareness among those students and youths from different part of the nation was guided by ITS-Nepal with respect to Internet security and the Cyber law of the nation.

Indeed, the convergence of telecommunications, computer science and audio-visual gave us today new Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is a must kind of thing and gradually developing worldwide. In this regards we wish all the government and non-government agencies to adapt the ICT for a sustainable development while strengthening the national, regional and international co-operation. Following the importance of ICT, ITS-Nepal seized this opportunity and launched “Braindigit 9th National ICT Conference 2013”.

IT-S Nepal identifying the grounds is going to organize Braindigit 9th National ICT Conference 2013 in a fresh month of New Year, January 26, 2013 which is a regular conference that organization conducts annually. The theme of conference is “Role of Youth in Information Security and Cyber Law” that addresses aforementioned parameters.

Achievement that can be gain with 9th National Conference

  • To aware about internet security and cyber law among youths.
  • To enable youth about the general concept of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and its associated careers
  • To develop, maintain and simulate youth’s curiosity, interest and enjoyment in technologies.
  • To promote the acquisition of appropriate technological skills, concepts, principle method and vocabulary.
  • To promote greater ICT awareness and opportunities among Nepalese governments, community and stakeholders.
  • To use technology in variety of subject areas and contexts with safer way

Topics that are going to be presented

  1. Network Security
    Mr. Ram Krishna Pariyar, Senior Network Engineer at Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd Cisco QA for Nepal and Bhutan
  2. Cyber Crime & Cyber Law Implementation in Nepal
    Mr. Baburam Aryal, President-Internet Society Nepal Chapter, Chairman-Center for Law and Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Exploring Web Vulnerabilities
    Mr. Narayan Koirala, QA Incharge, BrainDigit IT Solution Pvt. Ltd
  4. Where Should I Be Encrypting My Data
    Mr. Shree Pd. Khanal, Database Architect, Speaker and Trainer, Founder, Himalayan SQL Server User Group
  5. Information Security – Importance of having defined Policy & Process
    Mr. Soumya Mondal, Surya Nepal
  6. Power of Logs: Practices for network security
    Mr. Deepen Chapagain, CEO, Nepways
  7. Information Security Scenario Worldwide
    Mr. Danish Arshad, Business Development Manager, EC-Council



  • IT-S Members: NPR. 200.00 (Required Renewed  IT-S Member Card’s Photocopy)
  • Others participants: NPR. 300.00.


  • Knowledge about different scenario on “Information Security and Cyber Law”
  • Brunch will be provided
  • Certificate of Participation will be provided
  • Discount coupon on Certification on Security System of EC-Council

**Participant will be chosen on first come first serve basis.


Date: 26th January, 2013

Venue: ALFA HOUSE, 4th Floor Alfa Beta Complex, New Baneshwor

Time: 9:30 A.M Onwards

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