IT in Mass Educationon the occasion of World Literacy Day in Nepal

Russian Cultural and Science Center, Mitra Kunja, Nepal Russia ICT Society and Cyber Chautari jointly organized the event called IT in Mass Education on the occasion of World Literacy Day. This program was held in Russian Cultural Center, Kamalpokhari Kathmandu Nepal on 7th september. The program was kind of interaction program, some participants were related with education, some were working with Library in Nepal, some were environment, some were business man and some were related with social entrepreneur as well.

The program was scheduled for two papers, first was Re-enforcement of early learning by Prabin Gautam and second was FOSS in Education by Hempal Shrestha. Prabin dai start with overview of Literacy and current statistics, Statistics was interesting somehow, Today Nepal literacy reached 61%, 95 % of households in Nepal are with in 30 minutes of access to the nearest school, 75 % rich people are literate while as 45 % of poor are only literate, the literacy rate of male and female in Nepal is 72 % and 45 % only. Prabin dai also mention some method of learning in Nepal, not only formal and regular school model is not enough to make better literacy in Nepal beside it here are some practice such as social learning class: given by NGo’s or government agencies, adult education ( where over age people can get education), informal education(not like school courses), There is also other famous and successful model like Reverse instructions Or blended learning, where any one can learn any where using inernet.

Prabin dai list out some challenges for e-learning in nepal.

  • Internet connection
  • Reluctance to use: nervous to use or hesitate to use
  • Exposure channels
  • Volunteers to pick up open source programs
  • Less trust in free stuff
  • Initiatives to use IT for education in big way
  • Takes away valuable work from so called experts
  • Reliance on others to show path


He showed demo on eBarnamanal, very easy tool


Second presenter was Hempal Shrestha, he had given on FOSS in Education. Hempal dai continue from the from where Prabin dai finished, he also showed some tools and demo on nepali tools develop by nepali for nepal such as epathi……

Later he moved on his topic, introducing FOSS technology, FOSS software and FOSS philosophy. He explained the base of idea of Free in the scene of Freedom, some level of freedom and some basic of licensing. He put his work very clearly in terms of Foss are programs whose licenses give users the[with] freedom to run them for any purpose to study and modify them and to redistribute.

He showed some rule that opensource software should follow. He touch some history of this concept called FOSS.

Hempal dai make points for connection of FOSS and educations

  • Ethically motivation begins
  • General licensing models: offer open to all, no explicit agreement necessary
  • The centrality of community : Pooling of resources


He showed lot of open source education tools that can be used very easily, and are available very openly. He also cover the involvement of FOSS Nepal Community in the field of education as well.


In this way, we celebrate IT in Mass Education on the occasion of World Literacy Day.

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