How startups win or success?

This article is the part of series which discuss the Venture Design. I hope that passing this knowledge will help you, who want to create the culture of innovation in a core in your venture. This will prepare you to test any idea encounter in team, and help you to either take it or leave it. 

In startups, there will be 1000s of ideas which make you feel exciting while you’re thinking. But more than 90% of those idea failed when it come for implementation. Either you lost somewhere while doing it, or you lack to prioritize. You basically missed the storyline to develop.

In startup, it’s very common many of founders used to say that they are launching new product or feature in end of month, and very few of them succeed to do it. For the scope they are looking, they compromise the timelines. 

As a part of game, A founder need to make the plan for years and some time for multiple years, to make the pitch to your investors and stakeholders. But frankly, it is waste of time, and very impossible to predict something like it. You hardly achieve your monthly goals. It is not the numbers you predict will make your startups success. The way you can do is by executing the ideas, taking feedbacks, iterating on those ideas, and taking small decisions. 

How can you do it?

The best methodology for startups is one who has cross functional team involved in project, who adopt the shared vision and flexible to change if required, think a project to execute on incremental process, and always doing testing, taking feedback and change it. 

Once everyone in your team understand this methodology, the things will systematic, everyone know what to expect, and how the output can be measure. 

The few questions are:

  • What are the tasks need to be done?
  • What is the priority of each task?
  • What is the deadline for each task?
  • Who is doing this task?

If everyone in the team knows the answer of these questions, the process will be aligned to the bigger goals. 

As the outcome of these tasks, you have ability to make quick decisions, get quick feedbacks, quick releases. You don’t need to wait for month or years to know if it works. 

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