Entrance Preparation for Bsc CSIT : Prepare for Future

If you have the question on why should I learn BSCCSIT. Please read this blog


I can understand you have questions in your mind regarding entrance preparation of BSCCSIT. You see lots of people are preparing for Medical, Engineering, CMAT and other. There are lots of preparation center for such course. As BSC CSIT is the new course, there are not enough center to provide you preparation class, or you may not see such competitive examination worth to prepare.

In my previous blog, I also mention you don’t need to worry because most of the CSIT college also provided free entrance preparation class which may create doubt for you if that is for attracting you on particular college.

But in this blog, I am going to suggest you for entrance preparation. And I will explain why and how.

It has been already 9 years of starting BSCCSIT, I saw lots of changes on the behavior and competition. Last year more than 3000 students were on competition which is more number than the total number of seat all over the Nepal. And my assumption is it will grow this year. So you have to get higher score to make your higher chance to get admission.

If you want to get admission on your choice of college, then the score is important. For Example, If you are looking at Amrit Campus for admission. You should be top 60 scorer to have the default choice, they publish namelist on the base of merit list.

If you are looking for scholarship, Most college provide it to top scorer. You can have that chance if you score high.

But all these things are obvious and I assume you know it already. But what I worried is your preparedness for 4 yrs course and career than just entrance exam. So My point is don’t just look for entrance exam, look beyond it.

BSCCSIT is the technical course, I see lots of student suffer from not having confident of being use to of Computer Technology. If you are not very good with computer, I suggest you to learn basic computer ideas. Practice as much you can. Which will make you enjoying working on computer. I am sure this will help you to get interesting in class and lab on first semester.

If you are already good with computer, you know how to use it. I suggest you should scale your knowledge in more computer science things. What I suggest is if possible start learning about logical thinking, basic programming knowledge, computer networking and other things which is very applicable for 4 yrs of study and your career.

I also suggest you to start exploring about more IT development in INTERNET, You can start following site like Mashable, The Next Web, Tech Crunch. You should start learn about new development in youtube, which will expand your knowledge beyond the class and beyond the book.

Start participate on local IT events, I know you will not understand everything. But you can see the energy and enthusiasm on IT professionals and students, which will better prepare for future.

Now you might have the simple question, where can I learn all these things. And the answer is nowhere for now. I am consulting with BSCCSIT.COM to build up such course to implement in this year. But need to see how it comes. To be honest, it will experiment but I am sure if there is equal energy from Learner, Trainer and Facilitator it is achievable.

If you are interested please write email to me nprkshn@gmail.com .

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