Connecting the Dots in Tourism Industry in Nepal

The usual nature of Tourism sector is supported by multi stakeholders. Travel become exciting because of balance sequence and mixture of different service and probably from different service provider. Now technology has played important role to connect and cover all these things in easy and single platform.

This is the age of technology, technology play the very crucial role to inspire people to travel specific place/destination. It fuel to make the dream to do some activities in life. People get such inspiration from Social Media, News, Movie, TV shows and many other mediums. Once people decide to travel, they need to make plan for it. So here again Technology become important. Most people now a days book online.

Even while people travel they use social media to share their experience, also need apps to navigate and learn more information. It’s not going to stop here, People use technology even after they back from trip. Some people start reviewing in different platform and some start writing blogs.

Because of this, there are lots of disruption happening in tourism sector.

In 2014 and 2015 Globally, There has been lots of innovation happened in Travel Sector.

As the result in 2015

No of tourists travel in developing countries are higher than Developed countries

– Airbnb took 1.5 billion USD investment and industry took more than 5 billion USD funding this year only.

– Government has changed the policy due to new disruption in industry by technology. Now think,

What new happened in Tourism sector of Nepal in 2015?

I don’t see anything, but I saw lots of people trying. 100 of new brilliant ideas were proposed in NCELL APP CAMP this year.

Also think,

Why these Global development is not making significant contribution in Nepal?

Do you know Nepal is missing in Global Distribution System of Travel Services?

Do you know we lack the system that connect different services? Only manually things happen here.

We need the basic technical infrastructure which aims to connect different travel services in Nepal, which on the top everything we expecting as new can happen. This infrastructure is the connection of multiple small service.

Do you want to know what are benefits?

  • Be the part of global innovation
  • More jobs in local
  • Cross industry collaboration
  • New Innovations in Industry

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