Interaction with CSIT Girls: Empowering Girls through ICT

Gender issue is the one of the most critical and prioritize issues happening in this age. Different strategy, policy and actions has been implemented in order to eliminate and empower Gender Equality. Being an Social ICT Activist, I feel ICT could be the best weapon to tackle with and get the best result. ICT will help the Girls in 3 dimension : Education, Empowerment and Employment. Smart Samaj Foundation is coming with this idea on very starting of 2014. Before it, We tried to understand the current problems and issues in different ways. Last time we organized interaction program with 26 ICT studying girls. The program was also marked the 16th day of activism for Violence against Women.

girlsinictThe program had 2 dimension, first to motivate them for social change and understand their perspective over it and second to teach them some technical skill/knowledge. In program, I prepare them by giving group work to find out more about the Powerful Women Leaders in ICT World, where each two of them have to work together to find out more about her, and need to share to all. It was the way to make them comfortable to talk about the reality….We say it is the icebreaker session.

On the base of their very personal thinking I have found following things:


From above illustration we found : Most of the girls were interested in Technical Skill sharing/learning and then inspirational/empowerment activities. They think ICT course will help them to acquire global and international job and also believe their education could help for revolutionary and social development. But the interesting things is some of them are still confused with the decision of taking this course and very few are sure they will get their aim. When we asked them what is the major problem/obstacle that they are facing today. 45% were saying lack of professional learning environment, 27% think lack of useful curriculum and other think lack of learning environment in college.

When we ask them Why Girls are less interesting in ICT in Developing Country comparatively? Most of them were not agree on this point, they said most girls are interesting but due to lack of information, support and some time the environment created by our society

In the second part of program, We teach them Webmaker tools and make them work on Thimble. As they already had the knowledge of html and css, they understood quickly. Some of their work are snapped here…..

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Kaavyaa in the scary city

See photos of program here


Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 in South Asia

Transparency International launched Corruption Perception Index of 2013 among 177 countries. The index scale from 0 [extremely corrupted] to 100 [very clean], and interesting none of country has achieved 100% and result stated majority of countries has scored less than 50. Most of the European countries has good position and top score (91) is also hold by Denmark and New Zealand . Mostly the low score has occurred by Asian and African Countries: Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea are the lowest scorer with value of 8 in 177 Countries.

Here I am going to more focus on the situation of South Asia, unfortunately Maldives isn’t in list and We already knew Afghanistan’s situation is worst, beside it we will try to explore more about Bangladesh, Bhutwan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.
Here is the Ranking position of these countries:

Rank Country Score
1 Bhutan 63
2 Sri Lanka 37
3 India 36
4 Nepal 31
5 Pakistan 28
6 Bangladesh 27
7 Afghanistan 8


You may wonder to know, who has progressed much. Here is the data table:

Country 2013 Score 2012 SCORE Difference
Bhutan 63 63 0
Sri Lanka 37 40 -3
India 36 36 0
Nepal 31 27 4
Pakistan 28 27 1
Bangladesh 27 26 1
Afghanistan 8 8 0

If we checked the status of Nepal from 2009 to current, it seems Nepal has done some progress these years. 2010 and 2011 seems persistently poor.

The Next step toward being clean for Nepal should be comes from opening all the gates from government to their citizens to know what is happening. They should respect the right of people and should be more proactive information provider. Being Civil Society, Our mission will be make our Government to think about the “Open By Default” and prepare Nepal for Open Government Partnership.

One Young World matters

Before One Young World
I was very simple person with extensive intense of make impact. I left my job (s/w programmer) year ago and start living life with people, issues and actions. I believe in technology and people, so I always ready to spend time with communities. I worked with Free and Open Source Communities, Google Developers Group, Mozilla Nepal, Wikimedia Nepal, CSIT Association of Nepal, ITS Nepal, Nepal Russia ICT Society, UNICTS and many other communities. This makes me learned and inspired to deal with issues. My most amazing experience with FOSS Nepal Community to work for promoting and flourishing the no option open source software in country like Nepal. Open Knowledge Foundation Nepal is perfect field for me to deal with Open Data, Open Content and so on, which make me contributed for people’s Right to Information, making more transparent and accountable country. So I must say, it make me more confident on technology rules.

Journey to One Young World

I was Flag Bearer
1I was suppose to attend the Mozilla Summit in San Fransisco on Oct 4-6, I was on preparation of it. One day I saw email from One Young World which stated that I am selected for attend the One Young World and some one has sponsored for it(It was 2 week earlier than program). I was undecidable, I didn’t know One Young World very well, I even forgot when I had applied for it. Program sounds not much compatible with me as compare to Mozilla Summit. So I took 2 days to decide it, I started to research on One Young World, learned a lot about it. And finally I found this is incomparable with anything. I felt like I am one who is lucky in this world. And most important thing I was one one from Nepal, flag bearer for my country. 190 countries was expected there, if I missed to go there, then obviously it would be 189 missing Nepal. So I gave me more effort in my decision.

flight delay for 15 mins because of me
It was not very easy, I need visa to go South Africa. Organizer sent me Visa Wavier Document, and invitation letter to make it easy, so it means I didn’t require to apply visa. I confirmed it I went to the Immigration Office in Kalikasthan, talked with them and confirmed everything. On the day of my flight I went Airport 3 hours prior than time. I got boarding pass from Airlines. But Immigration Officer of TIA stop me because of not having visa, they were on point that visa wavier document in not enough to secure my status to getting green signal immigration, They complain the document itself don’t mention my name. They aborted me, airlines took back their boarding pass . I fought with them for 1.30 hrs but it couldn’t work. At the end I asked them to give me one letter explaining why I was being aborted. They agreed and meantime one officer ask me what will you do with it. I simply replied I will talk with media about this. It made them to think and with the discussion and suggestion of Airlines of such cases they finally gave me signal to go but with one contract stating “If some thing went wrong with me, Immigration Department has not any responsibility” I smiled and signed that contract. I really like to thanks that two guys of Jet Airlines (one was Indian and another Nepali). They made 15 minutes delay flight because of only me.

What make me inspired


Johannesburg City
The World Class African City, The development of this city itself is inspiration for world. The progress done after the revolution proved how it can works, it was the great story for us. Story of Nelson Mandela is the divine guidance for us. But more than that, We really amazed to know how the youth are working to solve problem in the nation. The achievement from cooperation and coordination is the great learning for new and old generations for rest of the world.

8Can you imagine 1300 people from 190 countries in same floor, and whomever you talked they are awesome. These 1300 young people has the capability of changing this world. They are doing interesting works. This is only program who has the biggest participation after Olympics.

It wasn’t possible to hear all but some of the best are here

7They are idol for this world. It was like a dream, when I saw Kofi Annan, Bob Geldof, Sir Richard Branson, Prof Yunus, Arianna Huffington, Winnie Mandela ….. in front of me. Every word they expressed are still ringing in my ears. I must say they changed my life, they changed the world I used to see. You can check it here

The whole credits goes for Organizers. I didn’t see any pitfalls. The correspondence with each and every member, managing resources, program management were also the uncompetitive.


After One Young World

I can’t measure but I can say I am changed, I feel more confident, I feel more lucky and blessed. My thought process has been changed, my observation on anything has been changed. So after back First, I changed the business model of my company, We have decided to go for Social Business. But this is not enough, I have to go more…. I have to think for Youth Employment inside Nation, inside Locality. I have to think for Better Education System. I have to think about Gender Balance and Women Empowerment.

One interesting thing, I am starting to telling the story that I heard there, that I learned there…… Thanks Russian Center for Science and Culture and Nepal Russia ICT Society to provide me the opportunity to share my experience with young people.