[NRICTS] Monthly Technology Transfer – September 2012: Internet Security

Nepal Russia ICT Society is coming with new topic in this new session of Monthly Technology Transfer. The seventh regular monthly program is on topic of Internet security, this is the topic presenting on the day of Internet in Russia. The presenter of this September month will Nastya, Deputy Director of Russian Cultural Center.

The whole presentation will on the subject regarding Internet Security, not in its traditional understanding of scamming, bullying, DDoSing etc., but focusing on the global informational aspect of Internet.The main point will be Internet as means of creating public opinion, instrument of forming ideologies and controlling their spreading and influence and usage of social networks as platform of this kind of work.

The idea and purpose of this presentation is to show Nepali youngsters that security on the internet does not always mean viruses and trojans, it is much wider and complicated thing, concerning your mind and attitude towards other people, political situation, government, religion and so on, and that it is a good idea to know that there are special people whose profession is propogandistic or subversive activities, to stand your ground, develop criticizm and always analyze information before taking it, distributing further of acting.
If you like to join there please come there in Russian Cultural Center, kamalpokhari at 5:00pm wednesday 26th September.
here is a facebook event:

Software Freedom Day 2012 celebrated in Nepal

Software Freedom Day 2012 was successfully celebrated in more than 10 places in Nepal. It was organized in Butwal, Pokhara, madi, Hetauda, Birtanagar, Jhapa, Dharan, Kavre, Amrit Campus and SAP Falcha. The day was the 8th version of SFD in Nepal so everyone expected more perfect, more matured more new. I don’t know what people are judging about the program. In my terms the program was success, success in the sense we did continue the program, in the sense we added meaning into the program in new way, in the sense we regain the spirit of team work or it can be said like FOSS communities are in form now all over the Nepal. It is just like the dream how we worked this year.

It was since long time, FOSS Nepal Community didn’t conduct any event in National level. Just one email in mailing list started all the journey of SFD 2012. We conformed our first meeting in FOSS Nepal office, we had lot of expectation of participations but actually we were only 4 there, But we decided to do it anyway and planned for time, venue, themes, activities, team and many more…

Second meeting was came with Mozilla Nepal meeting, that was quite enlarging, we were 19 people there for meeting, we started to took leadership and responsibility of team, We decided to moved for outreach in different colleges, companies, ministries, organizations for information and support for program. We started FOSS ka kura from Amrit Campus with OSAC. In this way we reached out more than 15 colleges with in 2 weeks. For supporting the program and event, we send our proposal in most of software companies in Nepal, Government office (Ministries office), organizations…..

We were asking them not for some hard fixed cash, we were asking for any kind of contribution in terms of either goodies or cash or any…. We are successes in this, I think we got nice number of individual contribution for event too.

Now lets come to the event day,

Everything was in a plan, the venue seems perfect for decorating and planning for our activities. We had almost finished our arrangement with in 9:30 am. Registration Desk, Goodies Distribution Desk were placed just inside the gate, Movies and Documentaries were in Hall 1(Ground Floor), Drill Session in Hall 2(1st floor), Distro and Demo were in Hall 3(1st floor), Control Room and FOSScubation was also in first floor and finally the top floor was for Inauguration and FOSSials.

There was also a PC clinic room for maintenance, troubleshoot and satasat GB. The program was started form 9:30, movies started at time, Dristro and Demo were also in a place. Our chief Guest honorable Minister Dr. Keshab Man Shakya, Minister of Environment, Science and Technology arrived at 11 am, FOSS team help him to observed every things and every activities from ground floor. He seems very interesting to knowing about FOSS, He visit every desk every activity.

Our Inauguration program was not very formal, we tried to maintain formality informally. The program was addressed by the written document of well wishing message from prime minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai spoken by Dadhiram Nepal. Hempal Shrestha and Ravi Bhattarai combine present about the FOSS and it’s role in egovernance. Our guest Ever Green Minister Ganesh Shah speeched on the current need of ICT in Nepal, our chief Guest Keshab man Shakya shared his experience and understanding of egovernance and ICT. He informed government office have IT department and now practicing for hiring Computer Science students there. He explained the need of egovernance in term of speed, transparency, corruption and crime, and last Subir dai stated the current requirement of adopting the Free and Open Source Software and the way how it is growing up.

The whole day was full with programs, Suraj Bhusal and his team from Movie-Documentaries Team was busy with movie and documentaries scheduling. Sunil Shrestha leader of Demo, Distro, Troubleshoot and satasat GB was managing all the activities in the places. Drill Section was one of the most interactive section of this year SFD. Different drills was conducted in time, Nepali Wikipedia, Brain digit Solution, Mobile Social Networking, Open street Map and Robotics Association of Nepal were presented and share some information there.

This year we had some open DVD like Obuntu compiled by OSAC, Nirvikalpa and some DVD of latest Ubuntu and Mint of 32 and 64 bit. At last we were wrapped up our whole program by doing some FOSSials activities by FOSSial team. Musical Chair and Dance was very entertaining part of event.The program was supported and sponsored by Verisk Internation(platinum sponsorship), Islington College, Digitrust, Mobile Social Networking, Prime College, NITC, World Link, PHP Developers Nepal, CSIT Association of Nepal, Robotics Association of Nepal, GDG Kathmandu, Sparrow SMS, OSM Kathmandu, Nepali Wikipedia and Nepal Bank Limited,

In this way we celebrated the whole event, while completing this year SFD but this is not the completion of FOSS activities, This event really re-energized the spirit and some impaction are already started to seeing and we believe we will spread out this impassion all over the Nation.

M2work Hackathon in Nepal

I was attended the orientation program of M2work Hackathon, on 5th september 2012. The program was organized by Mobile Nepal in Young Innovatives Pvt. Ltd building. I reached there at 4:30 p.m. With my CSITians and Hempal dai. The room was almost full with around 30 participants(i suppose it is) and they were from CSIT Association of Nepal(Aberdeen College, Ambition College, Amrit Campus, BernHardt College, New Summit College ), GDG-Kathmandu, Robotics Association of Nepal, some IT companies as well some freelancers. Objective of program was to make clear about the m2workHackathon.Bimal, Prawesh and Bibhushan explored whole the things there, and here I am listing some point that I understand.



Hackathon is the team work, where lot of people work together to obtain some goals. In another word it is the system where the single goal is reached by the like minded people. It doesn’t means every candidate in the team should do same task, or must be same skilled, there could be lot of people with different skill and different level of skill.



M2workhackathon is hackathon with in the objective of mobile microwork. This is the platform where some people meets and work for developing some sustainable microwork project which will be in mobile application domain. There will be some teams with 1 to 5 members. There is also some kind of competition among participating teams, winner will get some cash as well.

It is a kind of very starting of Entrepreneurship. This is actually happening in 5 places all over the world.



Adding life in an idea. Creating some sustainable and usable apps.


Where and When?

This hackathon is going to held in young Innovatives Pvt. Ltd. Area, from september 15, 8 A.M to september 16, 7 P.M.



Every necessary fundamental logistics will provided there, including fooding, snack, power, internet and other what ever participants need. There are also something that participants will not get there, lodging but participants can get for dropping them in home. Also Laptop should manage from participants side.



Any body who has a passion to work in hackathon can be part of it. If he or she may good in idea generation or web development or android development or ios development or testing or database

development or designing can part in it. Just need the commitment for working passionately for whole 2 days.


How to join?

It is very easy to join in m2workhackathon, You just need to go on website (http://m2workhackathon.org/) and click I want to participate, there is also email list from where you can get more suggestion or idea to join in there, If you have idea and need a team you simply need to join in the mailing list of mobile nepal. (mobile-social-networking-nepal@googlegroups.com)

Software Freedom Day: FOSS ka kura with NOSK in NCIT

Saturday, 1st september 2012 NOSK invited FOSS Nepal Community to talk about the Software Freedom day in NCIT. NOSK is the one of the pioneer and renown FOSS community in Nepal, It has it’s reputed and successful history in the field the open source sector. They have a great evidence of doing best, last two years they had made Software Freedom Day in this nation. This time too, they had started. The program was divided into two section first it was suppose to make discussion in Software Freedom Day in NCIT college and second discussion on collective Software Freedom Day, FOSS ka kura if necessary.

We(some guys from FOSS Nepal) were reached there in time, 10 a.m. Anish and his team were in ground, they arranged the place for meeting and we moved there. There were still some guys who were coming there so we waited for some time. And Later we started to talk in Software Freedom Day in NCIT, special agenda was what is happening and what are they planning this year. NOSK guys put their opinion, they said parallel SFDs could create more confusion so NOSK will celebrate SFD this year in collective . We requested them, not to break the continuity of SFD in NCIT. We discussed in this topic for a long, there were raised lot of issues and finally the decision came out. NOSK will do some Pre- SFD and Post-SFD and in 15 september, everybody will be in collective SFD.It was about 11, when we finished first section. After that, moved into next section. There were also other guys who joined us there. Some guys were coming from Kathford, some from St.Xavuer, some from Apex, some from Islington, some from Aberdeen, some from ASCOL and some from many other places. We were the 33 participants. As in other days we started little bit talk in Free Software and Open Source Software, more of the participants were already known about these term, so we did this shortly. Next we started in preparation and planning of this year Software Freedom Day, We explained how we are planning to work this time, We showed them the team division and task that we supposed to do this year. We explained what each teams are supposed to do.

We asked participants to join any team in their interest, every participants choose it some guys even choose more than two groups.

After making team, Each team got some time to make some independent team meeting. Finance team were moved into next room, College Coordination and Artwork Team were divided into two corner of room in this way each team got ½ hour to make discussion and make some planning. College Coordination team make list of some college, where they can approached to do FOSS ka kura and SFD preparation meeting. In this way each team make some short term plan and long term plan. After this independent meeting, every team had given 1 minutes to announce what they deiced in meeting. Each team were announced there and updated this in wiki of FOSS Nepal. There were no any other topic to talk, So finally we conclude our full day meeting in NCIT and planned next meeting in next day Sunday in FOSS Nepal Office at 2pm.

Software Freedom Day: FOSS ka kura in Academia Int’l College

College Name: Academia Int’l College

Time:9:30 am 31 August 2012

Location: Bafal


Thursday, I conformed a time for 9:30 am for FOSS ka kura and Software Freedom Day preparation meeting with the student of Academia Int’l College with Rajesh Sir principal of college. First program was in Aberdeen College so we moved after finishing program there toward the Bafal, We reached there at sharp 9:30 am, Yogesh Raj sir welcomed us and informed us some term and condition we agreed with those condition and went to class for program.


We started our talk from 9:40 am and we had a deadline of 1 hour, there were 16 participants. Hempal dai asked them first about the open software and free software, and started them to make understand with these terms. That program was not much different than other ones, there were same interested participants, in fact it was very interactive moment. They were even seems like surprised to know these things which they were in used unknowingly . Sluggishly I entered with the topic of Software Freedom Day, I stated about its history and this year plan, I tried to explain them why we are trying to do this and how we are preparing in it. I explored all the team and activities that we are supposing to do this year. And finally we requested them to join in any team if they are interested. I have to say that we have got commitment from every of them to work in it and contribute toward the open source community of our nation,

In such a way we completely utilized our assigned 1 hour there.




Software Freedom Day: FOSS ka kura in Aberdeen Int’l College

College Name: Aberdeen Int’l College

Time:7:30 am 31 August 2012

Location: Jawlakhel

Thursday, 30th August 2012, I called Suraj Bhusal, one of the student of Aberdeen Int’l College  for doing the program FOSS ka kura in college. Aberdeen Int’l College, one of the Bsc CSIT colleges in Nepal gave us green signal to do the FOSS ka kura in college. We were reached there at 7:30 am morning. Math class was nearby over so we had some conversation with Roshan sir, Director of College.  It was around 8 a.m, when we enter the class room for program. As in other college, we started from introducing ourselves,  most of the students were from lalitpur, some from bhaktapur and also some from Gongabu.

After the introduction round, we were start talking about Software, it’s basic components, type of software, mostly used software and right to know about different things of software. We tried to make them understand about free software and open software. Hempal dai explained about different level of freedom in software. Hemapl dai also added some points regarding FOSS movement in world as well as in Nepal and tried to make them familier with FOSS Nepal Community. After making some knowledge in Free and Open Source Software, we  entered in core subject of program, Software Freedom Day.

I started to talked in this from the history of Software Freedom Day celebration in world as well as in Nepal. I informed them where this is going to happen this year, our planning and preparation for event. We listed all teams, which we were making for event and all the activities that we supposed to do in this event. And finally we asked them to join in any team of events.

Actually there were 27 participants in event, we got more than 10 name who decided there to work in some of the teams and rest were asking time to decide. That was very great time to do program in Aberdeen College. We were hurried for next program in Academia College so we rushed out from there at 10:00 clock.

Name list of participations

Mohan Sijapati, Suman Upreti, Abhishek Shakya,  prakash Bist, Suraj Bhusal, Pramod Das, Sudip Maharjan, Nischal Maharjan, Wangel Lama, Sunil Maharjan, Sarju Shrestha, Thaman Thapa, Prasanna K.C, Roshan Kumar Thapa, Raj Jha, Roshan Duwal, Prem Lama, Jeepesh Dangol, Sagar Silwal, Bishnu Aryal, Sunny Kapali, Elina Maharjan, Ajen Maharjan, Deep Deshar, Thagindra Katel, Prakash Neupane, Hempal Shrestha



FOSS ka kura in Texus Int’l College

College Name: Texus Int’l College

Location: Mitrapark Chabahil

Time: 10 A.M. 29 August 2012


After the delay accomplishment of FOSS ka kura in St. Lawrence College,  we rush for Texus Int’l College. We were there around 9:30 a.m and student of BSc CSIT there were almost prepared for program but we again suggest them to add some interested students from +2 level. Until arranging all it, we were in tea talk with Bikram Sir, Coordinator of BSc CSIT. I think at 10:00 A.M. everything was setup and the venue was ready for program. The class was full of students, some students were standing due to unavailability of sitting space. The program was started with the general introduction and was very hard to listen clearly every name. Someone asked me to go out and I made message that no one need to ask for going out, I didn’t believe maximum student left place now the most uninterested students were filtrated and other interested place got chance to sited. There were the participation from management, Humanities and Computer Science, I think may be some humanities and management friends mightn’t like or might felt unfamiliar with those terms and topics. But this process didn’t stop there, students were continuously degraded up to 23.


As in other colleges, Hempal dai started with the definition of software and sluggishly entered into Free and Open Source Software, he gave some real example specifically focus on management student and other student to make more clear about open source software. After that we started talk on Software Freedom Day, We informed about our plan to do Software Freedom day in this year. He also touched some history of Software Freedom Day. And finally as we did regularly we requested them to join us in event. That was very nice everybody gave us name, but I think most of them gave name on Event management Team and College Coordination Team. Beside that some gave name for Artwork, some for Media relation and some for other.

After collecting those entire names we wrapped the talk program FOSS ka kura in Texus int’l College there and make out our way from college.

FOSS ka kura in St. Lawrence College

College Name: St. Lawrence College

Location: Chabahil

Time: 7 A.M. 29 August 2012


FOSS ka kura is an informal talk about Free and Open Source Software, where we mostly discuss about the importance and need of Free and Open source Software, its benefits and its basic principle. Some time we also go on some details about how can software can be free and what actually free stand for. Not much detail, but we try to cover some level of freedom, freedom for purpose, freedom for source code, freedom for update and freedom for redistribute.

Every time in College outreach we tried to cover these things to make general understand about the FOSS. In St. Lawrence, it was our third outreach program after ASCOL and Bernherdt, We planned for 7:00 A.M. first hour of college to do this FOSS ka kura in St. Lawrence. I was reached college at sharp 7:00 A.M, but we decide to start from 7:30 A.M. I suggested BSc CSIT students to add other students from +2 level and then the show started.

There were around 50 participants in totals in program including Bsc CSIT and Computer Science, program was started quite as expectedly by introducing each other and then Hempal dai kick out the topic Free and Open source Software by referencing the basic components of software. The program went very easily as we anticipated, most of students were somehow acquainted with terms Free and Open source Software. I don’t know what to say, program was very interactively, and students raised lot of questions and laid the blues of today’s scenario in Nepal. Also they revealed some way that we should mark for movement and change in Nepal. The thing was happening in such the way; it seems that it will not end up there but I hardly need to said I interrupt there and move into the Software Freedom Day.

We started from history of Software Freedom Day and reached into the present plan for coming SFD. We showed the activities that we planned until yet for coming SFD and the team that will handle everything to make an event. We opened the floor to make the conformed the seat in any team if they had interested, oh my god what should I say, you mayn’t believe, everyone raised their hand. I wasn’t able to pick up their name properly. Some of them gave their name in list. We were almost 1 hour behind the time, we had also other schedule. In this way we shut the program there and ran out for next talk in Texus Int’l College

Software Freedom Day: FOSS ka kura in Bernherdt College

College Name: Bernherdt College

Location: Bafal

Time: August 28, 2012, 11:30

Website: kathmanduberndert.edu.np


After piloting the FOSS ka kura in Amrit Campus, subsequently 8th August 2012, College Coordination Team of Software Freedom Day 2012 had gone to Bernherdt College for FOSS ka kura in Bernherdt. As we were pre informed for the program time, we (Ravi Bhatta Dai and me) were grasped there at 11:30 pm. Student had completed their regular class and waited for us. Without going out of box, we started to hit the topic and went through it. There were around 20 total enthusiastic participants. Rajan Kandel from Bernherdt gave us a floor to start the program, Ravi dai start with general introduction of Free and Open Source Software. Actually he gave a reference of  the real example of expensive branded XYZ car and less expensive Freedom Car, where XYZ car was not allowed to repair yourself or any mechanics and Freedom car was allowed to do after that he did some survey with student for choosing any car and as excepted everyone is agreed to choose a Freedom car. Later Hempal dai joined with Ravi explained about Free and Open source software with requirement of 4 level of freedom. Hempal dai explicated about the history of FOSS Nepal and FOSS movement in Nepal and later he appended the topic of Software Freedom Day. He started by the history of Software Freedom Day in Nepal and achievement upto yet. He went to the preparation and planning for this year Software Freedom Day, he listed all the activities that we are planning to make, he also explored the team to conduct the event successfully and invite them to join them. It was very good interaction program, participants were being very confortable to put their words, we got lots of involvement from them, some student shows an interest in Artwork, some in FOSSials, some in Documentations.

It was really good program, after all it was first time that FOSS Nepal was introduced there or better to say this is the first program to know about Free and Open source software for the student of Bernherdt. I think this will be just the first and the student will explore more way further in coming days. In this way, we finished our FO

Software Freedom Day: FOSS Ka kura in Amrit Campus

College name: Amrit Campus

Time: 10:30, 27th august 2012

Location: Lainchour

Website: www.amritcampus.edu.np


The kickoff event of Software Freedom Day 2012 has been started from August 27, 2012. It is college outreach event, under the college coordination team of SFD12. This kickoff event expressly focus on FOSS ka kura  and Software Freedom Day Event. The first program is started from Amrit Campus, one of the distributed organizers of SFD 12.

The program was started from 10:30 a.m. and lasted upto 12:00 p.m. There were around 46 participants in that talk, involvement from every semesters (2nd sem, 4th sem, 5th sem, 7th sem and 8th sem as well) most participants were from 2nd semester and they missed their class for discussion.  Program was started with the general review about FOSS history and FOSS in Nepal by Hempal Shrestha and Dadhiram Nepal and later we entered in to the main part Software Freedom Day, Prakash Neupane (myself) explained the total preparation and planning of this year event. The discussion went very well; OSAC also presented their preparation for SFD12. We mostly talked for some event that can be collaboratively moved ahead. It was great to know that OSAC is preparing different activities in event such as

  • Paper Presentation
  • Game Competition
  • Design Competition
  • Satasat GB
  • FOSSials
  • Distro/Demo
  • Open chautari and many more

They have well formed team for every activity. After that talk , some of the students from there too expressed interest to work for central Software Freedom Day event. Most of them want to join in Artwork team and Materials Team.

Anyway our first take-up was gone very commendably, so we are excited and very hopeful for next steps . I think tomorrow is planned for BernHerdt, Lets meet there.