Entrance Preparation for Bsc CSIT : Prepare for Future

If you have the question on why should I learn BSCCSIT. Please read this blog


I can understand you have questions in your mind regarding entrance preparation of BSCCSIT. You see lots of people are preparing for Medical, Engineering, CMAT and other. There are lots of preparation center for such course. As BSC CSIT is the new course, there are not enough center to provide you preparation class, or you may not see such competitive examination worth to prepare.

In my previous blog, I also mention you don’t need to worry because most of the CSIT college also provided free entrance preparation class which may create doubt for you if that is for attracting you on particular college.

But in this blog, I am going to suggest you for entrance preparation. And I will explain why and how.

It has been already 9 years of starting BSCCSIT, I saw lots of changes on the behavior and competition. Last year more than 3000 students were on competition which is more number than the total number of seat all over the Nepal. And my assumption is it will grow this year. So you have to get higher score to make your higher chance to get admission.

If you want to get admission on your choice of college, then the score is important. For Example, If you are looking at Amrit Campus for admission. You should be top 60 scorer to have the default choice, they publish namelist on the base of merit list.

If you are looking for scholarship, Most college provide it to top scorer. You can have that chance if you score high.

But all these things are obvious and I assume you know it already. But what I worried is your preparedness for 4 yrs course and career than just entrance exam. So My point is don’t just look for entrance exam, look beyond it.

BSCCSIT is the technical course, I see lots of student suffer from not having confident of being use to of Computer Technology. If you are not very good with computer, I suggest you to learn basic computer ideas. Practice as much you can. Which will make you enjoying working on computer. I am sure this will help you to get interesting in class and lab on first semester.

If you are already good with computer, you know how to use it. I suggest you should scale your knowledge in more computer science things. What I suggest is if possible start learning about logical thinking, basic programming knowledge, computer networking and other things which is very applicable for 4 yrs of study and your career.

I also suggest you to start exploring about more IT development in INTERNET, You can start following site like Mashable, The Next Web, Tech Crunch. You should start learn about new development in youtube, which will expand your knowledge beyond the class and beyond the book.

Start participate on local IT events, I know you will not understand everything. But you can see the energy and enthusiasm on IT professionals and students, which will better prepare for future.

Now you might have the simple question, where can I learn all these things. And the answer is nowhere for now. I am consulting with BSCCSIT.COM to build up such course to implement in this year. But need to see how it comes. To be honest, it will experiment but I am sure if there is equal energy from Learner, Trainer and Facilitator it is achievable.

If you are interested please write email to me nprkshn@gmail.com .

How can i prepare for BSC CSIT Entrance Examination

It’s good to thinking about preparation before joining any program. And it more make sense to the course like BSC CSIT.

There are few reasons why should you prepare BSC CSIT entrance exam.

1. The gap between your knowledge (+2) and your aim (BSC CSIT) is bigger than you imagine.

2. The high number you get will have the better chance to get admission on your choice of college*

3. The higher number can also keep the chance to get discount while admission.

4. This will build your confidence on giving exam and getting secured.

But where you start your preparation, Till now i don’t see any particular institution who are carrying but i am sure if they get business they can start anytime. But my suggestions are little but different.

Here you see what are possibility,

Entrance Preparation for Bsc CSIT : Prepare for Future

Which is the Best CSIT college in Nepal?

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Once you decided to study Bsc CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology), next thing making worried is the college you need. Big Advertisement in newspaper is not enough to convince you. Selecting one college from 50 colleges is not easy. So that’s why, many students ask me name of college, which I never do.
Actually the best college differ with people’s expectation. Some people like the strict discipline, some want the flexible. Some people want the highest scorer and some want the maximum pass rate, Some people want the 100% class, some want extra curriculum. For me, I don’t want to choose the college on the base of result, it would be foolishness. The most important question when you trying to search the college should be “Is this college suit to me? Will I be happy there for 4 years?”

If you are here with the hope that I will say the name of college, then you should leave, but I can help you to how to find one.

Don’t forget, you have to score high to get choice.Read this blog http://prakashneupane.com.np/entrance-preparation-for-bsc-csit-prepare-for-future/


First Question: Why should I join your College?
When you go to market to buy mobile you always looks on the different features and trying to figure out if it fits on your budget. So same here, ask college about features 🙂

What is the college time?
You are going to study for 4 years, so you have to allocate your time for college. Ask college time and see how it suits to you. If you are doing job or planning to do job then I think Day College will not suitable for you.

How is the result of your college?
I already told it doesn’t matter, and truth is you can do better than anyone. But this question will forced the college to reasoning the result. So than will help you to understand how college is taking serious on students.

What additional things you provide me beside the college course?
Now the days, College are very tricky and I am sure they will say lot here, Some college may tell you they will send you in industrial tour in India, some will say they have contract/MoU with different IT companies here. Some will say they will provide additional PHP, JAVA, CCNA. See which one give you more offers which means to you.

What projects your students have made ?
You are not the first person who is asking question before admitting in that college. You are not only one who is worrying. If the college is not new, then there is already some students who decided . Ask the college what these students are doing there. What projects and application they build. Have they won any competition in hackathon, bootcamp, APP Development?

Where are your passed out student?
Ask what their passed out students are doing now. Ask more specific and trying to find how it worth.

Can I see your college?
Ask permission to college to see the building, labs and class.

With out knowledge of college try to meet the student, Meet 2-3 students and ask them about college. Most of time they will be right.

Opportunity and Challenges of CSIT (Computer Science and Information Technology)

It’s very usual that many CSIT colleges (College who has Computer Science and Information Technology program) invited me to promote this course while in admission time(new students enrollment time)(till now, I avoid to promote college in particular). But this year, some college asked me to come again in their college to motivate their students. I was thinking how can I motivate these new students and finally I decided to show them the reality(tits-bits ) of this course (which most probably they are completely unaware). From this point I marked my presentation as “Opportunities and Challenges of CSIT students”. Here I am going to highlight few:

How you are here (How you joined this course)
Most common answer of this question from students is there was someone who told them to join this course. It might be their uncle, teachers, relatives, brothers or some other known person whom they can trust very easily, even sometime they blindly join the college which they named. Another is their friend/colleagues who found this course, in this state they don’t agree but if they found interest they take time to understand about it (they google it, they go to the colleges). And there are very few who found this themselves and prepare for everything.

Why you are here (What are the things that make you joined this course)
I tried to ask them what is the ultimate objective to joining this course. The very common answers I got is, get updated with latest technology, some said they like to make applications, some believe they can gain social value/ name in society, nation and world. And amazing thing is they are not here for only money. They also think there is lot of scope and money in this sector they will easily get from market. In amount they are very hopeful they will get 50K(In average) when they passed this course with good performance.

If I try to picture them they more look like Roaring Lion


But the reality is after 4 years they will find themselves this(if they don’t think out of box) :

computerscienceandinformationtechnologyWhy this? The only thing is the “Industry need Skill and Experience but the student think they need industry for it”

But the good thing is they are on starting semester and they have space to do better. But the simple question arise here, HOW? In my observation the solution is also very simple.

Just Remember few point:

– I am here to study!!!
(Every day I am learning new skill, Today you will learn Bubble Sort, next day Insertion Sort, another day Merge Sort. Don’t think you are following syllabus only.)

– I will not blame other !!!
(The common problem of our society, We always try to search for excuse, Teacher gave assignment for writing one program in C, the students come with ready-mate answer “Sir last night was loadshedding from 6PM to 12PM ”. Think it’s my task and I have to do anyway. )

– I will Participate !!!
(We are good for early decision with out knowing nicely. The person who didn’t see new released movie usually talked about boring just listing someone who felt it’s boring, He forgot people have different tastes. So my suggestion is participate first, experience it and tell you felling )

– I will create Environment
(Most often we found some other college has better environment than our, and this is true also. And we expect some one will make environment for us. We never try to start from us. I think it’s very easy to kick of any initiative in college, where you can get load down for space, backup, internet and participants. )

– I will do/ start today!!!
(when ever I was explaining these facts, people seems very serious. But still people failed to cover it because of lack of not starting. They think they will do tomorrow and it never comes. So my suggestion is better start from now. You don’t need to think very deeply after all there is no thing to loose)

While I was saying these, freshers think we still have time or expecting some other(seniors) to lead at all. I remember what Kofi Annan said when I got chance to meet him “You don’t need to wait for age to take responsibility”.

There are lot of space for environment, I already mentioned College is the best environment to learn skill and experience along it there are certain space in Industry also. Now a days, there are lot of companies who are bridging the gap with academies, so it’s better to follow up and participate.
Personally I recommend every one to join community, I think this is the in between place of College and Company, where everyone has equal value. Where anyone can easily accessed.

Finally, Opportunities is surround us, just need to figure it out. We know we need to do project/research and I think this is the best part to show us. It will more better if you think to do at least one project in each semester. I know most curious to know the way to get job in market, some time they failed to catch the new trend, so try to know the current demand of company and it’s very easy if you spend ½ hours in online job portal like jobsnepal.com and merojob.com . It’s always good to think out of box, you can also start your own startup after all you have the good partner in your class. Just need to identify the strength.

Interaction with CSIT Girls: Empowering Girls through ICT

Gender issue is the one of the most critical and prioritize issues happening in this age. Different strategy, policy and actions has been implemented in order to eliminate and empower Gender Equality. Being an Social ICT Activist, I feel ICT could be the best weapon to tackle with and get the best result. ICT will help the Girls in 3 dimension : Education, Empowerment and Employment. Smart Samaj Foundation is coming with this idea on very starting of 2014. Before it, We tried to understand the current problems and issues in different ways. Last time we organized interaction program with 26 ICT studying girls. The program was also marked the 16th day of activism for Violence against Women.

girlsinictThe program had 2 dimension, first to motivate them for social change and understand their perspective over it and second to teach them some technical skill/knowledge. In program, I prepare them by giving group work to find out more about the Powerful Women Leaders in ICT World, where each two of them have to work together to find out more about her, and need to share to all. It was the way to make them comfortable to talk about the reality….We say it is the icebreaker session.

On the base of their very personal thinking I have found following things:


From above illustration we found : Most of the girls were interested in Technical Skill sharing/learning and then inspirational/empowerment activities. They think ICT course will help them to acquire global and international job and also believe their education could help for revolutionary and social development. But the interesting things is some of them are still confused with the decision of taking this course and very few are sure they will get their aim. When we asked them what is the major problem/obstacle that they are facing today. 45% were saying lack of professional learning environment, 27% think lack of useful curriculum and other think lack of learning environment in college.

When we ask them Why Girls are less interesting in ICT in Developing Country comparatively? Most of them were not agree on this point, they said most girls are interesting but due to lack of information, support and some time the environment created by our society

In the second part of program, We teach them Webmaker tools and make them work on Thimble. As they already had the knowledge of html and css, they understood quickly. Some of their work are snapped here…..

Sticky Photo Gallery


Kaavyaa in the scary city

See photos of program here


What is the best in BSc Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT)

Due to my single article, (http://prakashneupane.com.np/why-bsc-csit)I got more than 20 queries in last 1 year. Every question was similar some how … So I though I should write next article to answer all those question.

Which is best BSC CSIT, BE or other IT course?
– I don’t think people are comparing on the contents of these course, because the problem students usually think on what is next? They are very worried about the job, foreign study and recognition. And this is also obvious …. because the situation is like most of the students studying general science, management humanities are not very well known with Computer jargon. So my suggestion is if you like to learn really a good course in terms of principle, theory and basic/fundamentals of development CSIT might be best option you may be lead toward the Researcher real Computer Scientist. If you think about being Software Engineer, CSIT would also be nice option for you, The weight of System Analysis, Software Engineering, Basic and Advance Programming, Computation are really enough for you. If you have interest in Network and System Administrator, I think this is only one subject which will give you privilege to learn you more than 15 credit hours (if I am not wrong[Actually I am database guy] ) Same option for the student interest in Database. So over all this course will cover most of the market demanded things which justify you can have nice future…. Remember I am only talking about CSIT…… who knows about BE, BCIS, BIT, BCA (Really I have only studied CSIT)

What is the scope of this course?
Honestly speaking, In technology people invest in skill not in certificate so first answer is, there is not direct relation with scope and certificate. So I am not intends to discourage you, You have to study well to get good skill. This course have good balance of course study from fundamental to advance. You will not regret but point is how you want to drive your career. Today I think most of my friends are in good position in different company and even some have their own. So it already proved the course but it doesn’t prove you. So point is none of the company will throw your resume because of your are studying CSIT.

Will I accepted in abroad ?
Oh my god, how much you are conscious about your future. You are in very beginning of CSIT and you have whole 4 years to complete (may be more than 4 who knows) but you are thinking about the time which can’t not predictable(i even can’t guarantee what I will do next week ). May be you will be married in 4 years and start your responsibility for your family ?? or May be you will start your business and thinking to make it large??? who knows But I can understand this is obvious, even some of my friends aimed to go abroad after Bsc CSIT, but today I think they forgot it ….. they are happy with what they have today. So my point so think for present, don’t go too far. You are studying the course affiliated/developed my one of the most renowned university of Nepal and it have already privileged and recognition in all over the world. So you will have right to apply in top university but acceptance of your chance is fully depend upon you and them.

Which is the best College?
Well till now, no one have gave me any money for saying their name so how could I recommend one name (even if I recommend it will be my personal thought). But I can say like Government college have close relation with University (you are thinking you will know question before exam?? noway) so they are very updated with activities, government selected teacher will be there so we can hope you will have chance to get good teachers (but this is not happening till date). Most important thing you will not need to pay big money, Government college is very cheap fees… Private College they take good fees and hope they will provide good infrastructure of your cost(who cares every students are having their own machine these days). In case of teachers, most of the teachers of government college of nepal are depend on private college so same teachers here. I heard some college will give you extra features like tours, visits, picnics and many more.

Will I get Er ?
No way that is not yours. But there are lot of things that we are struggling for getting like it. I believe Er. is just the recognition so we are asking for recognition and we know this is happening because we are new here and I hope we will get soon.

Problems ?
Yah there are lot of problem, When I was joining as the first batch there were even more than now. First we struggle for our existence, we promoted this course in our own way, we interact with industry, university and many other actors. After that we faced the problem of competency then again we started to learn and some how we are success in it. Today there are some problem in policy are we are fighting for our right and I think this is continuous process.

Last question : What is the eligibility ?
You can join if you scored minimum 45% in +2 as aggregate . You have to give simple University Entrance Exam same as IOE You must from science background but don’t worry there are other course as well where other stream are also eligible.

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Entrance Preparation for Bsc CSIT : Prepare for Future

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Bridging the university-industry gap

Published on Himalayan Times

KATHMANDU: With an objective to minimise the gap between university and information technology (IT) industry, Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) Association of Nepal organised the Second University Industry Tie Up programme on December 2 at Tribhuvan University (TU), Kirtipur.

The programme intended to find support — regarding internship and job opportunities — for students of CSIT from stakeholders concerned.

Around 500 students pursuing CSIT course in 15 different colleges took part in the seminar where they got to know about current situation of IT market through representatives of the industry, government organisations and different academicians.

The seminar began after Chirik Shova Tamrakar, Dean of Institute of Science and Technology, TU, inaugurated the event. It was followed by the speech of Asst Prof Tanka Nath Dhamala, Head, Central Department of CSIT, who shared about history of CSIT as a course.

Meanwhile, Binay Bohara, President of Internet Service Provider Association of Nepal talked about the history and current situation of Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal along with its opportunities and challenges.

Manohar Kumar Bhattarai, Former Vice Chairman of High Level Commission for Information Technology (HLCIT), opined that the world is heading towards emerging advanced technologies and even the students and university should be updated with them. However, while the university has traditional education system, the market is technologically advanced as per Bhattarai which has created the gap between university and IT industry.

Tamrakar, meanwhile, agreed that there are limitations in our education system. And she pointed out the need to change the existing system of university and colleges. She even welcomed any proposal or agenda for betterment.

Meanwhile, some companies had put up their stall at the seminar the students of CSIT could inquire about the company and submit their resumes for the internship


Also, Bishwash Dhakal, CEO of F1 Soft and Shree Khanal, Coordinator of Himalyan AQL Server User Group gave presentations on topics ‘Information Communication Technology Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Database’ respectively at the event.

दुरी कम गर्दै 2nd University Industry Tie Up

एउटा विध्यार्थी ठुलो सपना बोकेर, ठुलो मेहनत गरेर विध्यालय हुदै कलेज पास गर्छ, तर जब उ काम वा जागिरको लागि उधोग वा बजार जान्छ, ठक्कर र हरेश खान्छ अनि उसले थाहा पाउछ कि उसको पढाई उसको कामको निम्ति कामलाग्ने छैन भनेर │विध्यालय र कलेज साक्षर जनशक्ति उत्पादन गरे भनेर गर्व गर्छन, तर तिनै जनशक्ति उधोग, कम्पनी र बजारका निम्ति योग्य नभएर, सधै जनशक्तिको कमी महसुस गरिरहेका हुन्छन | तसर्थ, अहिले विश्वविध्यालय र उधोग बजारका बिच ठुलो खाडल देखिएको छ हाम्रो देशमा | तर यो समस्या हाम्रो देशमा मात्र होइन, विश्वभरि नै छ, फरक यतिहो कि हामीकहाँ यो समस्या अलिठुलो जस्तो देखिएको छ, जसले गर्दा दीर्घकालीनरूपमा देशको अर्थतन्त्रमा असर गर्छ |

यो वर्ष सीएसआइटी एसोसिएसन अफ नेपालले विश्वबिध्यालय र आइटी उधोगबिचको यो दुरी कम गरि संभावातित समन्वयकारी बाताबरण बनाउन 2nd University Industry Tie Up गत मंसिर १७ गते त्रि.वि. को सेडा हलमा आयोजना गरेको थियो | एउटा महत्वपूर्ण लक्ष्य सीएसआइटी ८ सेमिस्टरमा पढ्ने बिद्यार्थीलाई २०० अंकको इन्टरनमा सहयोग होस भन्ने पनि थियो उक्त कार्यक्रमको | कार्यक्रमको उद्घाटन बिज्ञान प्रविधि संकायकी डीन चिरिकशोभा ताम्राकारले गर्नुभएको थियो | कार्यक्रममा केन्द्रीय विभागका प्रमुख टंक धमलाले सीएसआइटी स्थापनाको इतिहास बताउनु भयो, त्यस्तै अर्का विशेष अतिथि क्यानका अध्यक्ष बिनोद ढकालले क्यानले विश्वबिध्यालय र आइटी उधोगबिचको दुरी कम गर्न गरेको प्रयत्नहरु बताउनुभयो साथै अगामी दिनमा क्यानले गर्ने सहयोगको ढोका खुला रहेको जानकारी गराउनु भयो | कार्यक्रममा आइटी उधोगको तर्फबाट किनोटेस आइएसपानका अध्यक्ष बिनय बोहराले राख्नु भयो | उहाँले आइएसपी बातावरणको इतिहास र अहिले सम्मको अवस्थाको बारेमा बताउनु भयो, साथै उहाँले अहिले नेपालको आइटी मार्केटको अवस्था र सम्भवित संभावनाहरु र यहाँको समस्याको बारेमा बिद्यार्थीलाई बताउनु भयो, उहाँले नेपाली उधोग केन्द्रित पाठ्यक्रम राख्न विश्वविध्यालयलाई सल्लाह दिनु भयो जसको लागि आइटी उधोग गर्नुपर्ने सहयोगको लागि तयार भयो जानकारी दिनुभयो | कार्यक्रममा अर्को किनोटेस मनोहर भट्टराई बिघटित एचएलसिआइटी का उपाध्यक्षले शैक्षिक र सरकारी अनुभवका आधारमा राख्नु भयो, उहाँले अहिलेका नया प्रविधिका बरेमा कुरा राख्नु भयो, अहिलेको विश्वको बाटो तिर नेपालको प्रविधिहरुनी बढ्नु पर्ने कुरा राख्नु भयो, अहिलेको समस्याको कारण, परानो शैक्षिक प्रणाली रहेको बताउनुभयो र साथै कुनै संस्थाले यसलाई मूल मुद्धा बनेर हिड्नुपर्ने बताउनुभयो, उहाँले अबका दिनमा अझ विशेष बिषयगत रुपमा कार्यक्रम हुनुपर्ने कुराको विचार राख्नुभयो | कार्यक्रमकी प्रमुख अतिथि चिरिखशोभा ताम्राकारले अहिलेका कमजोरीलाई स्वीकार गर्दै, नया परिवर्तनकारी प्रस्तावलाई स्वीकार गर्नु भयो, उहाँले बिद्यार्थीलाई राजनैतिक हतियार नहुन र सृजनशील भएर अगाडी बढ्न आग्रह गर्नुभयो|

2nd University Industry Tie Up कार्यक्रमलाई १५ भन्दावडी सिएसआइटी कलेजहरुले सपोर्ट र सन्वे इन्टरनेसनल बिजनेस स्कुलले इस्पोंसर गरेको थियो, कार्यक्रम भरि करिब १५ कम्पनी र ५०० भन्दावडी बिध्यार्थीको सहभागिता थियो, र ती सम्पूर्ण कम्पनी संग छुटै डेस्कको व्यवस्था गरिएकोथियो जहाँ बिध्यार्थीहरुले सोधपुछ र आफ्नो बायो डाटा दिनसक्थे | त्यही समयमा सेमिनार पनि संचालन गरिएको थियो, सेमिनारमा F1 Soft का अध्यक्ष विश्वास ढकालले आइसिटी उधमशीलताको बारेमा प्रस्तुत गर्नुभयो, सेमिनारको अर्को प्रस्तोता श्री खनाल हुनुहुन्थ्यो जो Himlayan SQL Server User Groupको कोर्डीनेटर हुनुहुन्छ, उहाँले डेटाबेस को बारेमा कुरा राख्नुभयो, भोजराज घिमिरे Deerwalk बाट ८ औ सेमेस्टरका बिध्यार्थीलाई करियर सम्बन्धि विचार राख्नुभयो, कुशल गौतमले सिएसआइटी पहिलो ब्याजका बिध्यार्थी अहिले कहाँ के गरिरहेका छन् भनेर बताउनु भयो | अमेरिकन कम्पनी Open Source Air बाट प्रबिन विलाश तन्दुकारले अहिलेको अमेरिकन कम्पनीको आवश्यकता के के मा छ, कस्तो प्रविधिको आकर्षण बढ्दो छ, र त्यहाँको कम्पनीको कामगर्ने पद्धति कस्तो छ भन्ने कुरा पनि बताउनु भयो | कार्यक्रम अन्तत ४ बजेतिर सकिएकोथियो |

यस्तो कार्यक्रम गर्नुको पछाडी जागिर र इन्टरनशिप मात्र होइन, यो भनेको सारा इको एजेन्ट हरुको फलदायी बाटोमा ल्याउने कोसिस पनि हो, हामीले बुझेका छौ हाम्रो यो एकदिनको कोसिसले सारा कुरा परिवर्तन आजको भोली हुदैन तर यस्तो अठोटले एउटा नया संभावना ढोका खुलाउन सक्छ |

2nd University Industry Tie up will be in Dec 2, 2012

Last year, we made an effort to do some new thing here in Nepal, 1st University Industry Tie up, i don’t know we success or fail on theme but we success to start and now we are in the state of next version   2nd University Industry Tie up.

The Concept Note of University-Industry Tie-up

As we are well aware about the new generation of young people can lead to higher savings, higher investment and consequently a higher Economic growth rate of Nation. Yet, in the current circumstances, we all acknowledge, there is a huge gap between the Academia – in terms of skilled professionals; and Industries- in terms of demand of these professionals. The shortfall of skilled professionals could affect the businesses productivity and competitiveness of businesses, and in the long run, hamper the growth of the growing economy in Nepal.

Considering the above, IT-industry and Tribhuwan University can have a symbiotic relationship, thus addressing the demand. Our initiation will explore the way for students of CSIT to pave their speed and shape toward the need of industry and let the industry know about the current scenario and situation of students and course of CSIT.  Industry-academia partnership will raise the standards of CSIT as well as Nepal education and create a huge resource pool of industry-ready professionals.

The “University-Industry Tie-up”   will be a turning point in how industry and academia collaborate each other.

Looking Back to 1st University-Industry Tie-Up Program

It was our first attempt on doing such a huge event but we were pretty confident about having the work done. Although some of them didn’t believe that we would go through this, but we are really thankful to those who provide us with their valuable suggestion and moreover, special thanks to those 15 CSIT colleges and 7 companies who supported us to make the program successful.

1st University-Industry Tie-Up Program was a milestone to make the IT World know about the course of BSc. CSIT and was helpful for many of the students to get internship. So, we met our target and got the exciting feedback from all sides.

With the same spirit and more enthusiasm, now we are going to organize “2nd University-Industry Tie-Up Program”. We hope this event would be more beneficial for the students of BSc. CSIT and to the IT companies.

Event Details

Title: CSIT 2nd University-Industry Tie-Up Program

Date: 17th Mangsir, 2069 (2nd December, 2012)

Time: 10:00 am onwards

Venue: Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur


ü  Delegates from government, university and industry related to CSIT and education and science.

ü  Representatives from different IT Companies.

ü  Representatives from CSIT colleges.

ü  Students of CSIT colleges.

Official Page:

ü  csitan.org.np

ü  bsccsit.com

ü  csitnepal.com

Core Attraction:

ü  Career oriented seminar

ü  Career Counseling

ü  Open Discussion

ü  Presentation on BSc.CSIT course description and its use to current IT industry.

ü  Presentation on fulfilling the gap between academic and industrial need.

ü  Interaction space where each company has its own desk and students will consult with the representative of company one-to-one.

ü  Where is 1st Batch???



Estimated Program Schedule

9:30 A.M. : Registration

10:00 A.M. : Inauguration Program start

10:15 A.M. : Keynote Presentation[from government/Academia and Industry]

11:15 A.M.: Inauguration Program End

11:20 A.M. : Stall Visit

11:30 A.M. : Refreshment



12:00 : Presentation from University

12:35 : Presentation on Entrepreneurship

01:10 : Presentation on Technical Session(Trend of Market)

01:45 : Presentation from Industry

03:00 Closing : Program and Certificate Distribution





World Science Day for Peace and Development 2012 celebrated in Nepal

10th WORLD SCIENCE DAY FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT was celebrated all around the world. On the theme of ‘Science for global sustainability: interconnectedness, collaboration, transformation’ this year different nations, organizations, universities and governments were doing different programs in their domain. As usual we were also celebrating this particular day in Nepal. As planned, we were doing two very different programs in two days.

In 9th Nov, we did interaction program on Role of Science in Peace Building among different science personals from Physics, Chemistry, Environment, Microbiology, Biology, Bio Technology, Computer Science, Academicians, Scientists, Activists, Entrepreneurs, Students, Ministry. The program was jointly organized by Mitrakunj, Nepal Science Olympiad, Russian Centre of Science and Culture and Nepalese Science Journalist Association. The program was held on the conference hall of Russian Science and Culture Centre.

The formal session was chaired by Ganesh Shah, Former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology and also he is the chairman of Nepal Science Olympiad and Mitrakunj. Chief Guest of program was Hon. Minister Dr. Keshav Man Shakya, Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology. Other Guest were Prof. Dr. Madhav Sharma – Former Vice Chancellor of Tribhuwan University, S. Simakab – Director Russian Science and Culture Centre, Sushil Pandey – Representative from UNESCO in Nepal, Prof. Dr. Sita Ram Bhyahut and Associative Prof. Mr. Raghubir Shrestha.

The program was started from the welcome speech of Associative Prof. Mr. Raghubir Shrestha, he is also the Vice Chairman of Nepal Science Olympiad. Prof. Dr. Sita Ram Bhyahut presented a paper on Observing Science Day: Commitment to Peaceful Development of the Nation, the wonderful presentation explained from the simple definition of science to effective implementation of science in peace and development. Mr. S. Simakab welcome everyone there and commitment for  the supporting program in coming days. Mr. Sushil Pandey emphasize the need and role of science in our nation, he demand the proper use on science to stop from destruction and desertization in Nepal, he highlighted the point need of E-education. He urged government to give more priorities. After him, Madhav Sharma explained the history of science development and also gave some statistics regarding the relevance of country development and science development. He also agreed with Sushil Pandey for the role of government should make. Chief Guest Hon. Minister Keshav Man Shakya, expressed his gratitude for inviting him there, he said some good news doing from government. First Government is changing the name of Ministry regarding to giving more priorities on Science and Technology, so it will be Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. Second government is proposing for making National Science Day (might be Ashwin 1st), Third Government was just appointing Secretary Keshav Bhattarai in Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment he is better experience in Science and Technology and Last Government was making different department for better development on Science specially on IT, Environment, Alternate Energy, Bio Tech, Nuclear Tech and Space Tech. and Lastly Ganesh Shah, Chair Person of program some remarks on science, scientist and new revolution using science and closed the program. In this way, the first day program was done.

Second day, i.e 10th November, We gathered on Ganeshman Park (Ratna Park) at 7 A.M. early morning for Awareness Rally on World Science Day for Peace and Development. The Rally was organized by Nepal Science Olympiad, CSIT Association of Nepal, GPA Nepal. The Rally was started at 7:30 A.M and moving though the Bagbazaar, Putalisadak, Exhibition road, Sahid gate, New road and finally Basantapur. There were more than 100 participants in rally including School students, Teachers, Scientists and Activist participated with banners and play cards. We reached Basantapur at 9 A.M. and made some voice on the need of Science for peace and development committed for doing more great in coming years.