Background of e-Government : Introduction

Government is utmost body that should very responsive to public needs and concerns. They are always needed to be alerted to social change, they have to find of needs and manage a fund/budget efficiently. Government are always pressured from global stake partner and public demands.
What should government be??
Government should be Citizen oriented; they must have a trust from citizen. Government System should like Business Management…… Now ask yourself….
Our Government is like this?
No? Do you think it possible?
Yes it can be….. If we can place ICT in Government’s agenda, it can be possible……
But Remember
The expectations on governments grow as IS is more widespread.
Is it easy to transform government into e-Government??
No because in most of case
– governments adapt slowly
– governments tend to regard e-government as only one among many challenges they confront

Now let’s come to a point…. What is e-Government?
Some Definitions are:
• Internet (on-line) service delivery and other Internet-based activity by governments – front-office only
• All uses of ICT by governments, on-line and off-line, front-office and back-office
• Capacity to transform public administration through the use of ICT or new forms of government built around ICT

e-Government refers to the use of ICT, particularly the Internet, as a tool to achieve better government.

In Conclusion
e-Government simplifies a things to achieve better outcomes of policy and improved governmental service for citizen, or we can also say this tools helps government to know about their people and helps citizens to know their government very closely.
In points we can also say e-Government is tool for
• better policy outcomes
• higher quality of services
• more efficient use of public funds
• more efficient government processes
• greater engagement with citizens and businesses improvements in other selected performance indicators

e-Government is more about government than about “e”!


Reference of Introduction to Electronic Government[Tomasz Janowski]

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