2nd University Industry Tie up will be in Dec 2, 2012

Last year, we made an effort to do some new thing here in Nepal, 1st University Industry Tie up, i don’t know we success or fail on theme but we success to start and now we are in the state of next version   2nd University Industry Tie up.

The Concept Note of University-Industry Tie-up

As we are well aware about the new generation of young people can lead to higher savings, higher investment and consequently a higher Economic growth rate of Nation. Yet, in the current circumstances, we all acknowledge, there is a huge gap between the Academia – in terms of skilled professionals; and Industries- in terms of demand of these professionals. The shortfall of skilled professionals could affect the businesses productivity and competitiveness of businesses, and in the long run, hamper the growth of the growing economy in Nepal.

Considering the above, IT-industry and Tribhuwan University can have a symbiotic relationship, thus addressing the demand. Our initiation will explore the way for students of CSIT to pave their speed and shape toward the need of industry and let the industry know about the current scenario and situation of students and course of CSIT.  Industry-academia partnership will raise the standards of CSIT as well as Nepal education and create a huge resource pool of industry-ready professionals.

The “University-Industry Tie-up”   will be a turning point in how industry and academia collaborate each other.

Looking Back to 1st University-Industry Tie-Up Program

It was our first attempt on doing such a huge event but we were pretty confident about having the work done. Although some of them didn’t believe that we would go through this, but we are really thankful to those who provide us with their valuable suggestion and moreover, special thanks to those 15 CSIT colleges and 7 companies who supported us to make the program successful.

1st University-Industry Tie-Up Program was a milestone to make the IT World know about the course of BSc. CSIT and was helpful for many of the students to get internship. So, we met our target and got the exciting feedback from all sides.

With the same spirit and more enthusiasm, now we are going to organize “2nd University-Industry Tie-Up Program”. We hope this event would be more beneficial for the students of BSc. CSIT and to the IT companies.

Event Details

Title: CSIT 2nd University-Industry Tie-Up Program

Date: 17th Mangsir, 2069 (2nd December, 2012)

Time: 10:00 am onwards

Venue: Tribhuwan University, Kirtipur


ü  Delegates from government, university and industry related to CSIT and education and science.

ü  Representatives from different IT Companies.

ü  Representatives from CSIT colleges.

ü  Students of CSIT colleges.

Official Page:

ü  csitan.org.np

ü  bsccsit.com

ü  csitnepal.com

Core Attraction:

ü  Career oriented seminar

ü  Career Counseling

ü  Open Discussion

ü  Presentation on BSc.CSIT course description and its use to current IT industry.

ü  Presentation on fulfilling the gap between academic and industrial need.

ü  Interaction space where each company has its own desk and students will consult with the representative of company one-to-one.

ü  Where is 1st Batch???



Estimated Program Schedule

9:30 A.M. : Registration

10:00 A.M. : Inauguration Program start

10:15 A.M. : Keynote Presentation[from government/Academia and Industry]

11:15 A.M.: Inauguration Program End

11:20 A.M. : Stall Visit

11:30 A.M. : Refreshment



12:00 : Presentation from University

12:35 : Presentation on Entrepreneurship

01:10 : Presentation on Technical Session(Trend of Market)

01:45 : Presentation from Industry

03:00 Closing : Program and Certificate Distribution





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