2nd UNI Youth and Women Meetup: Nepal

People change with time.  People can easily adjust them with an environment.

What? How can I say this? Hmm… Ok think some scene, When you fall in someone, either in first sight, You feel like she/he is everything, you feel like you are empty without him/her, You see everywhere only her/him. You heart pressure you to see her/him may be you can’t speak. You wanna stare on his/her eye for a while. Finally you think she/he is a part of your life. you are fully changed in this moment and very adjustable with this environment.

Now she/he is far from you, for some days your mind will disturbed.  You have only desire for see her/him. But sluggishly you will been forgetting him/her and adjusting with your new environment. You may laugh when you remind your past. My theme is no one can predict what will happen tomorrow grounded on today.

When I finished a workshop with 50 peoples, with whom i stayed 4 days in same place. I felt very hard while leaving them, but I was very aware about the nature of human. Because when we will spare in our domain, we will have very hard to remember a name and face. But the things gone very differently, I got a ring from one unknown number, voice was likely known. That voice invites me for informal meeting, I was busy that day (I was just free from exam and had lot of task pending to do) but I manage my time for that informal un-scope meeting. I saw 10/12 peoples, we made some chit chat with tea. I had no concern with those talks but I was really astonished with that presence and hope. I finally thought People may change with environment but the relation, connection, contrast, narration, kin that earned from some place way not change.

Then I hoped that will not stop there, I expected for more. And as I was expected I again got ring for next meetup. I agreed with propose for meetup as well agenda. As an outcome we gathered on 28th june 2012 for second time in CLASS Nepal with 21 participants.

As in Nepali style, we started with 15-20 delay. Program was started by Meera ji with report of last program ( Workshop in Dhulikhel). That was recall session, it was like reminding every flashes that we spent there.

Lesh kumar ji offered about the clear map and way in coming days. So that everyone come with some plan … not empty minded like that day. He added some word for formalization.

Abhishek ji proposed for Health camp,  He stated a concept for Health service in Kavre planchowk. Prakash Pokharel ji… strongly agreed with abhishek’s proposal and so did others.

Dushyanta ji made word for strong commitment from each members to make success of each and either work.

Meera ji proposed with clear proposal for supporting school with collaboration of HELP Nepal Network.

In this way we did discussion for further steps and further function. Each member put suggestion in behalf of continuity. We also made some work division such as:

Facebook Coordination Team

  • Dushyanta Raj Neupane
  • Prakash Neupane

Communication – Phone connection Team

  • Geeta Chapagain
  • Kosimaya Dhamala
  • Rosaleen Yadhav
  • Prakash Pokharel
  • Samita Koirala

Communication-SMS connection Team

  • Karishma Shrestha

Finally we managed a cup of tea in our together effort and over our 2nd Meet up there. Now our next track is to make next meetup, but will bigger than this…. I hope we will have more friends and our facilitators whom we miss every time with more clear agenda and objectives.

Oh God I forgot one name who help to conduct that Meet up…. Mr. Sajjan Lamichhane, my friend, my brother, who comply with my single request, who helped us even he didn’t know anyone.

Who were there?

  1. Neera Thapaliya
  2. Dushyanta Raj Neupane
  3. Lesh Kumar Shrestha
  4. Bijay Thakuri
  5. Sunil Kumar Shrestha
  6. Prakash Pokharel
  7. Abhishek Upadhyaya
  8. Bodh Raj Khanal
  9. Gita Chapaigain
  10. Birendra Thakur
  11. Prabha Basnet
  12. Rosaleen Yadhav
  13. Suprava Luitel
  14. Karishma Shrestha
  15. Bhawani Raut
  16. Debaki karki
  17. Samita Koirala
  18. Kosi maya Dhamala
  19. Gita Upreti
  20. Jayanti Chapagain
  21. Prakash Neupane




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