2nd preparatory meeting on International Literacy Day 2013

International Literacy Day 2013

After we made our first preparatory meeting on International Literacy Day for 2013, We have move ahead on doing next, Second Preparatory Meetup on International Literacy Day. The venue was same, time was 5 pm and date was on 24th June 2013.

Mr. Manohar Bhattarai
Mr. Ganesh Shah
Mr. Ram Panta
Mr. Robin Shah
Mr. Prakash Neupane
Mr. Ashish Khanal
Mr. Utsav Bhetuwal
Mr. Rajesh Khadka

Although the program was informal, we have one presentation in event as earlier, This time Prakash Neupane was presenting on “Trends of e-Learning” Where he presented with the simple definition of this terms and how people are naming it. He explained it’s features which turns the e-Learning in this dimensions. He showed the history from 1728 and it’s development with time and technology. Finally he presented what new trends are growing these days like mobile, social computing, games, web2.0, open content.

After his presentation, everyone started to discuss, how this is happening and how Nepal is adopting this one. Manohar Bhattarai, pointed out the factors resulting the failures in education of Nepal. He enlighten the role of ICT in education and discuss the sustainable business model for ICT in Education. He suggest the current need of project repository system: the good example that xomes on this was that the culture of giving contunity to the predecessor’s projects can lead to develop the business valued project in some years, rather than starting same project each years from scratch.

Importantly he pointed need of new trends of ICT business, he anticipated that the new comers will come with the good partnering with domain experts. So he means in the changing scenario of economic development IT companies can’t stand
alone only with the tech experts.

Mr. Ganesh Shah pointed out some educational statistics in Nepal like; there are 2 lakhs teachers in education ministry. He said that about 16% of GDP is allocated for education purpose and assured education ministry being the largest ministry of Nepal.
Mr. Robin Shah, who is new startup shared his experience while persuading education in India.

And Finally we discussed what can be an agenda and goal of upcoming International Literacy Day, so the better idea we discussed there was on gathering educational actors and stakeholders ranging from private institution to government.

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